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It's what. I can't believe it's been thirty two years also. I didn't want to give a big shoutout to the prince soundtrack anytime we can. Give danny alvin score like everything that movie is. I don't know like is is the music. More epic are up to you. Yeah just just like all art. Subjective films objective in all buzek. Pretty much subjective. So yeah happy. Happy thirty second anniversary and i like i said i can't believe it's been thirty. Two long years makes me feel old. Scotty oh but the film still holds up. Doesn't make me feel old at all. I look at it. And i'm like this is exactly where i should be. This is this is batman. So i really i i like it because it recaptures minus all. Yeah so harrison. Ford got hurt. Yeah did so yeah. Let's jump right into that news once again and this seems to be kind of a trend for mr ford. He likes the no no no not just old like he you know i think he i think in the first it was either. I think it's an empire strikes back but it could be wars. He broke his leg. Because some part of the millennium falcon fell on it He knows that there was force awakens. Yes i wasn't i. Yeah i thought it was going way back but He tends to crashed the plane during a shooting of film Now it looks like he hurt his shoulder. We don't know how bad or how how long it might you know when someone in advanced years takes a little longer to heal. Obviously even though. I think he's an incredible shape me. Look at you know for for his age. He looks like he's in incredible shape but so it might take a little longer to heal. Looks like the The they're not going to shut down they're gonna continue filming on how the film everything they need to sands mr ford at hope that he recovers quickly but man now know that was pretty much the headline news this morning. Movie off awoke. i did see that. Harrison ford hurt his shoulder while rehearsing an action scene. And i understand and like how old is he like. We've already covered this. In terms of how old harrison ford is but quite frankly are. I'm going to wait until the movie is released. And then i'm gonna judge based on the movie because quite frankly a lot of people get hurt on a lot of movies not yeah like. It was a big hubbub. When tom cruise got he didn't he bought himself up doing all of his own stunts. And he's he's not a young man. He's fifty something and harrison ford playing indiana jones. It's been one of the main criticisms of venue. Indiana jones is like he's old and it's like as long as indiana jones does not look old. I really don't care how old harrison ford and look i. I think clint eastwood is like twenty years older than harrison ford and he's still megan movies and behind in front of the camera. So i don't. I don't i'm not an age. I don't really care about how old somebody is I i criticize I think more about wear this. Indiana jones takes place. And how that how. How kind of fits in the indiana jones. Chronology the timeline. Other than that. I don't i don't care And and look like you said people get accurate in actresses get hurt all the time and it may not even be doing some crazy stunt were were. There should have been a stunt double. It could be like like what happened here or you just rehearsing a routine kind of thing and and something happens up the pops in your shoulder. You sprain an ankle. Something things happen. Especially when you're you know harrison ford old. Yeah and of course is in everybody's gonna jump on that unfortunately so that's the big news of the day. I i don't know if it's much much ado about anything. Roll see how long it takes for him to. Are you excited for the new indiana jones movie. I'm not i am. I am excited. Let me preface up to say. I do think james mangold is an amazing director An amazing filmmaker. And i do. I am looking for to see what he can do with it. I didn't care for the last two. Indiana jones movies loves errors. their kingdom. you didn't like holy grail. Who how dude. We have conversation. I didn't care for them in raiders. Really my favorite series. I've i've watched them all. It's fine temple. Doom is my favorite. So we have diverting it like we have. We have strange opinions no matter what we do So yes so. I'm in the grand scheme of things. I'm look i'm going to. It's an indiana jones movie. I'm going to see it's like star wars to see. Yeah i saw the last star. Wars movie almost ran into the theater. Oh i never saw at the theater version. That's right you didn't missing horrible movie. No no what okay. Anyway that's a whole other a whole 'nother topic for a home. I'm looking forward to movies. That i want to see a 'cause apparently there's like a four k ultra collection. Oh yeah let's jump to that. So on our very first episode we told you about a four k a volume to columbia classic volume. Two ultra fourcade big box version. Where they basically. I think it's six movies and we broke it down. You're like man. These these are great. Lose to get in one collection. And i promise everybody we are not paid by sony or columbia already money. The show would be a lot better if we were. But we did find this Like official trailer for that for that box at at because i liked the set so much. I'm like well. Let's bring it to the show and you know. Hopefully you guys will like it as much as i do. But i thought it'd be cool to see a visual representation instead of just us talking about and if you're on audio trust us it's it looks great talking people aren't just or just bad but people are many things know. Friendship has been the most important of my life. Talk.

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