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Investigating an early morning shooting that injured two small children officers on the scene told A. B. C. eleven an argument that broke out in an apartment complex parking lot turned violent and shots were fired with bullets going into a nearby duplex and hitting a young boy and girl the severity of their injuries is unknown at this time but the girl was taken to the hospital there's also no information as of yet about the shooter a North Carolina woman is dead following a skydiving accident in South Carolina Carl Wilson has the unfortunate details the accident happened Sunday afternoon in Chester County South Carolina skydive Carolina said the woman in her thirties from Charlotte was an experienced jumper she had done a solo jumping was reportedly attempting an advanced landing maneuver and died following the hard impact parachute according to company officials did deploy correctly WSOC TV reports Sunday's death is the company's fourth in the past five years I'm Carl Wilson two suspects charged in a deadly self astral shooting or appearing in court today Marshall spry was found shot to death on Thursday outside of a home on reach street or tease Hines was arrested for first degree murder I will appear with Isaac white who was charged with being an accessory after the fact of murder a seventeen year old murder suspect has already appeared in court and finally someone who was in the Outer Banks this weekend could be a whole lot richer the North Carolina education lottery is reporting that a million dollar Powerball ticket was bought on Saturday at a circle K. station in kill devil hills but the winner has yet to come forward to claim the prize thirteen twenty three thirty to thirty five and sixty eight were the magic numbers also this weekend someone in Tennessee hit the one hundred ninety eight million dollar Powerball jackpot I'm Mitch Evans wells another hot day.

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