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Is eleven thirty three currently in perry it's just sixty five degrees here in des moines we have cloudy sky at seventy two degrees my colleague henry miller of the hoover institution with his colleague john course writing most recently at the washington examiner about the convergence of two worlds the organic food theory how to raise food and the idea of genetically modified foods that we enjoy routinely in america in fact we enjoy them on planet earth that's why it's okay for seven billion people right now however you put together the organic food discipline and you combine it with something called the national organic standards you run up against a controversy about what is organic and what is not what is proper for the organic label in the united states henry a very good evening to you this is not logical you have taught me very carefully that organic food is a marketing skill good for them they're making money forty seven billion is the number you use in your most recent article for twenty sixteen that's an increase each year so they're selling very well but they have standards national standards that they've established that the us acknowledges i did not think to ask you ever henry if those standards collided with the genius of gmo it doesn't make sense to me that they care about what the food is it's how it's raised how does this work for them henry good evening to you good evening john well as you said the the standards are completely arbitrary they came to pass in the year two thousand when usda promulgated these organic standards and actually usda had proposed that modern genetic engineering techniques were would be appropriate within the organic certification but they received so many comments when this went out for public comment that objected to that and objected to irradiation of foods to kill pathogens as to be included that they prohibited both of those and it's interesting that if you if you go back to the time that these standards were promulgated secretary of agriculture dan glickman said at the time i secretary for the democratic party serving bill clinton so we're not looking at some republicans chicanery here please continue.

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