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The doj regarding his actions whaling val value every case as to whether or not it should be investigated this kind of case would normally be a stake case by the way absolutely inappropriate for her to ask the attorney general preemptively if that would happen especially considering the fact that he is the former senator from alabama he should not make any commentary one way or the other about this stupid line of questioning and eternity general handled it pretty well but early here's this as you well know li kaufman wendy miller debbie watson gibson gloria thakkar dis and in beverly young nelson these young women have accused this individual judge moore who is running for a federal office the united states senate of child sexual activity do you believe these young women i have no reason to doubt these young women all right and so that's a big headlined by the way coming out today that the attorney general said that as so what happens here eight six thirty two now i got some people out there who were saying oh there should be a writing candidate people should write him somebody that that's that's not going to work and that's not affective all right because it's just going to split the republicans vote and then doug jones the democrat is gonna walk into by the way senator the guy who wants to be senator there for the democrats has more in common with chuck schumer then he does with the people of alabama it's an absolute outrage that he might win and and and i can't wait to see the media say it's a big night for the democrats they really wanted to win if if they end up winning in whatever way that that might end up occurring uh there is to set that aside from an um there's some people have gotten really creative saying king uh that if luther strange the current senator were to step down right now that means the governor of alabama would now have to appoint a new interim senator and then that would trigger a whole a.

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