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The killer babysitter the Killer Queen so long I just started this this show on Netflix. And so if anybody doesn't know There's two movies too. There's one back 2017 1020 just came out this week. It's in the top ten. Top 10 this week for Netflix. It's Pretty stinking. Awesome. I think it's probably one of the greatest or teen teenage horror sci-fi. So just box offices on it. It's basically back 2017 the mood the show kid has babysitter the way she tries to give him a like a drink like I like a make him go to sleep. It was an alcoholic beverage and to make him go sleep. He doesn't drink it. And then he wakes up and they have to take his blood the blood, you know, most a cult movies are based off of Virgin blood, you know innocent blood wage. Yeah. Yeah Allah so takes that Hands-On kill on like all these people in this cult and doing this Satanic ritual. Well, let's go fast forward it to 20 20 the Killer Queen version of this is basically they came back the they did the they made a deal with the devil to come back and just you know run a they came back to to finish the deal and the steel is is basically just getting innocent blood. So this kids like Seventeen eighteen years old version. Yeah. Yeah, so they came back and all the people that he killed the first one. They have to wear try to finish it off. So this movie is Pretty stinking. Awesome. I'm not big into horror movies by no means so it's it's pretty dead. It's pretty interesting to me. I enjoy the The Killing and the the and all of that so another were another title. Wait a second and I'll be right back with the with the rest of this podcast off. Hey guys. Thanks for listening to the Daily perspective podcast. My name is Benjamin. Holly. I'm here to talk you today about, you know, we all have energy projects. We all have energy.

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