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In Irvington, Clear and 51 in Midtown and Tanya were going up to 60 for today. Thank you. Bill. Suffolk County plans to cut $20 Million from the Police Budget. Sophia Hall explain because $400 million in federal funds has not been made available to Suffolk County. The county executive Steve Malone, says 200 officers will not graduate from the academy. In fact, right now, the academy, he says, here in Brentwood is shut down. We would have been filling this academy up this year, with new officers coming in training new officers that's cancelled the budget that will put forward For the police class that we would be holding here next year because of federal inaction his cancer, he says, more cuts will be coming in the future, including to the school Resource Officer program, which has been credited for saving lives, including stopping the kidnapping of a student's. Now because of federal inaction. We will see 200 Fewer officers on the streets. Sophia hold WCBS news radio 8 80. Governor, Cuomo has directed the state liquor authority to beef up inspections at college bars. The move comes as colleges have seen spikes in Corona virus cases and students returned for the fall semester. SUNY Oneonta became the first state college to switch to our remote learning following a big outbreak earlier this month. Sunni Oswego has suspended in person learning for two weeks because of an outbreak. The college has 80 to Corona virus cases. WCBS news time 6 11 in the 80 years since we built our first Jeep vehicle, we've been through a lot together, but there's still so much more waiting for us with the legendary capability of Jeep Wrangler on our side. We still have dozens of new trails to uncover.

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