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And so we got there in. The line was long end so we were. We were in line for about an hour. I would say again. That wasn't really aligned posted But this is so this one was like oh boy. We're losing time here waiting in line But was this worth to wait. Holy cow was this. The this was the second most one ride we went on this whole trip And it was just we fun like we were laughing swoop squealing Ling. I would've loved to go on this ride a few more times but it did have long line but holy cow was hit a good ride. It was just so much fun and it doesn't you know it's not too extreme the but oh it was just really fun An exciting into gave you the stomach thing in other parts of your body feel like it was just. It was a good ride and then we got off of the hat and we walked. We did walk through the scarce but town and then we went We pass the mystery lodge which again was closed during our trip we saw bigfoot foot rapids and that one was We said WELL WE DON'T WANNA get wet may be laid is then we went win. An ride called Pony Express and this is a roller coaster. Will you sit out. It's like a combination of a roller coaster and a carousel. You sit sit on a pony like a little lake. You might be laughing but I'm not kidding. You sit on a pony. It's you know a plastic pony a wouldn't pony and it just goes around and it's like A. It's a fun ride. I wouldn't say it's an extreme ride but it's you know I've never gone on a roller coaster. What I'm sitting on a pony before in also gives you an unique of you and it went off so so it was fun especially the start of it because you said I'm writing a pony. All boy also you know we were pretending we're delivering the mail at a very high rate of speed speed so that was fun and we went on that and that when the line was not long at all in now you friend Ray may have. We're going to have to look at my notes here. Okay my okay so the next ride was one of the collapse all boy. I wish brought a notebook for this ride is it was very much looking forward to this ride in so was I and we also had some mistaken impressions of it but this ride ride was called to Calico mine ride and you know I. I think we took a break. Because even though we didn't do any very much We still needed did a break after that. But so the next thing we did was we went Look I think the map. I'm looking at his out of date. which is is interesting? So I'll have to look new map here. But the next thing we went to was a Calico mine ride and this one is topnotch the seeming of the outside of the ride. It looks like it's a mountain later at night it gets lit up in a way. That's very exciting. And it's a family friendly ride. You all get in a little train. There's nothing I mean it. It is not one hundred percent family friendly because it's very much like pirates of the Caribbean but in a train and it seems it seemed around mining would say it's almost like a copy but it's a little bit different French in stranger which is nice and I don't think this is an actual like You know one to one what it's really like being around minus but holy holy these miners. Interestingly you go on the CALICO mine ride you say well. Maybe you should go to mining because it's it but so so you get in a little Choo Choo train and you're sitting on a bench in Sir. No Is Not like a coast at all. Also there's a lot of manufactured waterfalls and rivers while you're waiting in line which scoot of loved screwed loves manufactured rock work Also like you said the way they laid it up in night in different colors this interesting and then you go through the inside of the right. It's slow it has like one or two parts where he picking up speed in its avodados audio animatronic minus. But there's like this great room that you go through. I don't know what they call it. They might call it the great room and they can do a reveal one time you get a glance of it. It's this giant room like probably twenty two and twenty stories high. Like like the inside of the mine in everybody's working in there so you get a glance. One time he was at all for that huge room said even real. And then you can go to see mine is saying this in this a little bit like pirates. Where the goofing around the rides a little bit longer so then you go and you see the great great room a few more times than this a little bit of a story Arc And then you get to the to get out of the mine but really top quality ride when we got off of that we looked at going on the my a log ride but holy moly was sat along La. I mean the log ride ride line which is now and so I guess if we were doing it again we would do something different. So then we went on What's it called sky cab in which is very old ride? I think from the seventies and you just get into like a round thing and you go when you have a great view no no thrills except a going up and the person said that it has a wonderful view of the you'll Disney fireworks if you go onto the night at the right time and that was very very relaxing. I mean holy. MOLY ray liked to that because we were just kinda chilled out and Yeah so we liked that ride. You got a good view. It was felled. Old School also screwed us. It reminds him of rollercoaster tycoon. Because you get to build that ride. Aladdin rollercoaster tycoon. Coon okay so just looking at a more my. I'm trying to find a more modern version of the map here. Okay it's your friend Ray. He he is a switch over the nats APP because say was Every other map I found it just didn't it didn't work for me okay. So we went in the sky ride now screwed us. A little one was ready to test out some thrills and this spot of the park. Oh they call this bottom park the boardwalk and you raise not here to like Criticize everything but I would say again. I said this and the other thing if you're going to save money and teaming don't bother teaming something when you're GonNa do a boardwalk seem don't do ooh boardwalk made of plastic with you signs that say boardwalk. BBQ would have An Oh we have. Some surfboard would see things You know either. Make the whole Bach like the Casper town or do a little bit. Spend a little bit more money on your seeming. I'm sorry rages founded Asia which wasn't happy with the theme and you just have it be amusement parks and in that a theme theme park. I don't know But so we went on their ride in the younger ones. Scoot scoot a daughter. She was ready to try out some thrill so we looked at going on and one of the very thrilling ones Accelerator but only had one car I think running because the way it works in we we we were like well. I guess we weren't in this mode of like well. Let's just give an hour like we still thought we'd be going on a lot rides or something and so we may be later then. We went on like a mouse. Like a what do you call those Lake The old school coast to twenty-eight what's cool coast rider and this must be a ride. They moved there something. Because other maps that has a different ride But just that was old school. Whatever they called it a little M- I little Friendy Pu Costa Little will be fun. nothing too extreme and net that bad of a wait now right across from there was another coaster that look like a do UC wipeout. It was called surfing themed and we said we said. Do you really want to go on this one. This looks like it's gotTa loop de loops and things and she said Oh boy. I'm ready. I'm ready to get you know. Go on one of these big big kid. Coast She's not a kid anymore so she said she didn't say that Race putting words in your mouth but so we went on that one wipe out now. The line was a really well. Run the workers. They were very friendly. I waited about forty minutes or so and that was a very fund ride Very very fun and so we went on that one. We like Let me see my notes the hang time. Oh that's late. I think calibrated so we went on the sky. Co that's coast rider hank time is that what it what I just said twenty seven and so we went on hang time off the hang time was very chill and Turquoise my notes say and so that was good ride we had fun and then we went out we got offer there and we walked by some things. And then we went on and Indoor ride which again was like one of these three D. ride soon cooled voyage to the Orient Reef and very very much like the superhero ride or like puzzle. eight-year toy story. You go on you get a little squirt gun and you put on your three D go ask assists one was under the sea. It was pretty fun. It had some actual effects but most of it was screen effects but It was done in the unique equal way and it was pretty cool ahead like a steam punk theme which gase getting see. It goes across Sebok's a little bit in all in all it was a fun ride. Then we went on the old school bump Ika. Because when you're with someone that's an ad sixteen you know they love to drive So we went on the bumper cars which was fun and we all adult laugh at that and also school was just so people know. School wasn't drinking taking soda at this point So you say well how. Many sodas did screwed well. He knew he was going to be on. TV later this week so he was not having any Soda Uh because he was trying to look his best he says soda doesn't help them look as best So we went to that one overhead. Good Good Beach Mood. Music was at after voyage. Au just the area had good beach. Move Move Music Then we walked over to to a part of the park after the bumper cars Called Fiesta village. I think checks the my the log ride line against very long. Oh on the way to the village soon as we went on Supreme Shout to school in. That's that's a tower right now fast. Elevator ride and scooter said who loved arrived. So did his daughter. Great View went up and down as a lot of laughing. They enjoyed that. Then we had lunch which we did have some Mexican food which you no? You don't WanNa theme park in Southern California you feel less strange you not in California and you're ordering that kind of food you're going to be. It's it's just we have a lake a lot better quality I guess is what I'm saying It seem park in southern California. Say well this might be a good bit but it was not it was only okay. The food we had is then we went on another coast. It was a little bit of a line called the Jaguar which was school because it was inside a temple so head a little bit of seeming. It was a fun. Little Coast Let's just see what we could find out about it Edano this now really anything about it. Here it's a minimum height. Forty eight inch is in all in all it was fun. It was fun it but it was in mind blowing. Anything is then we went on a ride called was next one called silver silver lots silver racer. Something which I guess was still in the same section of the park was f fourteen. Now that's a balloon race ray. Hey what about thirteen thirteen game and looking Ray. That's the Grand Sierra. Oh we do. I wish we would go on on the Railroad L. Road a CALICO railroad. Also they have a sage coach ride but anyway we went on another ride a rollercoaster called Blake Silva something and that one I don't know why can't find it but it was a scooted Anada like it. He said it was a a little too extreme for his tastes in. He's he said it gave you know gave him the dizzy. Something in policy was worried. We're Silva something but Everyone else who loves the ride I it was. It was a good ride. I thought we went on one more. Ride here maybe. We went on that one at nighttime I guess so next dome when we went on night time yes so then scored heavily for work after after their rights so screw to win worked and then we had another plan which was to go to the water park but it wasn't warm so this is a long kind of debate to take a break to go to the water park. Will School to worked ended ended up his scooter. Worked in then So we ended up taking a break and then we all went to the waterpark. And it took us forever to find out how to get in there. Because they have zone waterpark which is a separate entrance entrance but without tickets we could go on both he and this was mostly guided by the young woman? WHO said Yeah? Let's do this. Why wouldn't you and we will like well? It's not a ninety Andy degrees you know who how we GONNA go on. These rights will be cold and she said you will..

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