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Jim Carrey discussed on The Filmcast



Hebron insist people referred on his anti and not jim uh and the please please i just need to make the movie please just let me make the movie and the please the whole time and it is it i mean it's just see a broken you know ought to or academy awardwinning filmmaker just crushed by one man's narcissistic process and when class waited for jim carrey to like you burn his own reputation down a little adenaur outlook well i what i will say the the hindsight on display in this movie is fascinating and so much of it is an interview with uh jim carrey that happened recently and he is i think one of the most fascinating figures in entertainment uh because he is this case study of what happens when a human being gets exactly their dreams the exert act dreams he want it he hoped would come true happened a fucked him up you know like it when you get the i mean literally down to word for word what you've always wanted and you're still unhappy then it's like oh what now yeah vivid desire to forget vaccines work so it right i mean he he has a lot of they were them like one of the girlie accounts i follow on instagram it's actually for crafts link one of their monday motivations was like hey remember the now you can do all the right things thing foodstall not work out crosslegged monday motivation i was like what's why try it all.

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