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While there will be an effort by a bunch of people around town to ask a asked businesses continually if they've heard about bitcoin if they would be willing to take bitcoin and very often it's me or derrick who are closing the deal and really setting up people with bitcoin at this point we're like the pros at add could convincing someone to get a wallet and the big reason wise because we have created the world's greatest bitcoin and dash point of sale system which were able to install in all these businesses to really help them transition to the new form of money your kitty literally appointive cell system for recording dash they you've developed yeah it is the world's premier dash point in sales system and it is for bitcoin the best and most 'peertopeer point of sale without a central third party that holds onto the money or lessens agree topic uh to discuss when we come back up because that is a really key thing uh for both bitcoin but especially dash a for greater acceptance obviously businesses but uh generally too so we're back with stephen zeller their jape while back guys to decrypt her show uh we are talking with our guest dr james freeman and steven zeiler remember uh dares purcell website the derek j d r i c k o n word uh the dare j dot com dover to check it out and horses i discussed in the first part of the first segment.

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