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Season one. Mainly because my alfredo was it blood season. two can't wait for it. Here's the whole pitch for do not laugh. It's part game. Show par social experiment hundred percent. Evil laugh challenge spectacular. Last laugh returns for a second season which twelve contestants gathered for six hours to see who literally last last if they laugh smile or smirk. They're eliminated and prevented from dethroning season. One champion the homie blaine gibson. The host of the show. Jeff ramsey the least will up so that's super awesome. They have a new collection of surprises. But will they be enough to break the contestants. We'll have to find out last last season to debut september ninth. I'm rooster teeth but you can catch up on all season one right now number two on the rope report. Let's talk about a lost judgment review around up yesterday. Less tame went live reviews. were starting to pop up. We didn't have a full read on the metacritic so here we are with the traditional thing. Now that some of the dust is set it sitting at an eighty three over on metacritic. I believe blessing. I need your help in this. When i'm pretty sure Easy is gave it an eight. But i didn't write that in. But i'm pretty sure if you could go check dot com slash rounded but i remember Easy is i believe you have an eight. I ll over there wrote over the years. Sega has kept up a brisk pace with yakuza and its spinoffs releasing games that share a lot of the same dna however despite the similarities between them lost judgments still manages to stand out and make a strong case for itself by tightening up. A lot of the weaker aspects of the first game in is fun and addictive side activities. Like the school stories and seamlessly immerses you into a world into its world. It may seem easy to write off As just another yakuza type game i glance but once you start to walk the streets with the yoga me. You'll want to see this through to the end as correct. Neil that overnight gave it seven despite its intriguing. Whodunnit premise lost judgments main story fails to sustain. Its suspense. all the way to the finish and it's detective methods remain only slightly less superficial than those of the previous game. however it's media undercover side stories set in and around the the high school kept me playing for hours and hours well after the main story credits rolled in doing so revealing a. Lot of the fun surprises. That i might have never found had The classroom cases not kept me on the hook. This yakuza spinoff feels far from being considered case closed. But here's hoping that sega can show some better judgment in the series. They did they mint and then not one of the metacritic scores They don't give out scores bu- gene park over the washington post. Feel that this review that for me is what sold me actually starting lost judgment again. Paraphrasing and jumping around a bit. But i have three grass from it. I like in las judgment Negotiate who's the series creator and his team of writers play to their strengths creating compelling character drama with realistic motivations and trauma the bullying and the ensuing social media rumor mill surrounding the tragedies in the game keep the story grounding negoti also said the story of loss judgment came after much heated debate among its writers. That would be no surprise. The conclusion of the overarching murder mystery isn't cut and dry so much that yanni's own friends will debate him on his decisions and principles. I won't spoil the twists but having played every single yakuza game and the prequel judgment. Rg studio has crafted. Its most grounded realistic narrative to date all the character. Motivations are believable in beg for empathy even among the games most villainous set by the final chapter all the games themes on blink social media misinformation and the justice system tied together almost perfectly s. Give a whole bunch of the review. The final paragraph despite these flaws lost judgment is the most captivating dramatic entrance fixing story of the year. And that should come as no surprise to fans of rg g studios output video. Games can often struggle with long form narratives that feel that can feel natural to tv cereals but rg g studio has been banging these out for more than a decade loss. Judgment is their latest and the greatest work l. lesson. I know you talked a bit about this yesterday. For somebody who missed it. Recap where you're at with judgement. So i'm a few few chapters into it. I probably played about six ish. Maybe seven hours of lost judgment. I'm having a fantastic time with it. Usually for the yakuza games. I'm kind of in and out. Like i played media similar amount of time into like dragon last year when i came out and i like that as well but for me it is really hard for me to stick around because i know the games can get long and then other things combined i feel not as much desire to stick through because other things just capture me more than than yeah kuzan judgment this one so far. I'm super into it. Both story perspective in gameplay perspective. It's really nice to be back to the beat him up style. These games is because the lack of dragon of course added the turn based stuff which was really cool. I know a lot of people loved but jumping into last judgement and being able to beat down on people and people. Your friends are throwing stuff to beat people up with the action. This game is so ridiculous. I know the yakuza stable before last dragon. But it's still fresh to me. Because i'm just not as deep into this franchise i know. Many fans are a lot of the combat speaking to me. The action of the cut scenes are speaking to me. The funny thing is the thing that really brought me in was brought in originally into starting blocks judgment was watching shanxi an like watching that movie and being like man. I wish there was a song. She video game. I wish i could get into a video game. Like just beat up on fools. And then. I remembered that i had judgment downloaded and i was like. Maybe i should just play las judgment. I know that has like martial art stuff on fools in that game. And so i started it for sure satiated. That like i was really. I was really pulled in immediately by the action of and like the choreography in cut scenes and stuff really spoke to me in that way and so i really enjoy the combat in this one. The story is really interesting fascinating so far yesterday compared it a little bit too persona because there is the school aspect to it which you know as yogi. You are hired as a private detective to work in the school to like in a high school to suss out bullying and figure out what the bullying situation is and and help solve it in the school. And then that of course grows into a bigger thing and of course like many detective mysteries like murder case and all this stuff is going on as well in the background and i mean for me. I really enjoy a lot of different like detective. Murder like tv shows and so this game is actually really satisfying like camp for me in terms of like. Oh there's a mystery. I'm engaged with the mystery. The character back and forth or awesome. I really dig the main character in this game. this is i didn't play judgment one in xinjiang. I want to jump into that. Yeah because if you remember a. I reviewed what she accuses that gene kind of burned out on them when judgment came around..

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