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Glynn Hager, Texas, Legislature discussed on Other Side of Texas


Lubbock foul room dot com. Going into the legislature, something we always talk about where's the money in? That's what's going to govern as the legislature kicks off tomorrow. This about five hours ago is we broadcast live about five forty five pm, Texas controller Glynn Hager in this isn't important issue. If you wanna be a real Texas geek. Bob, Bullock was head this position people pronounce it comptroller, but in the old English it is pronounced controller. So you'll hear people talk about the comptroller. But then you'll hear other people I believe Ross Ramsey does this which is why I love Ross Ramsey says controller. No p they're just in writing controller anyway, Texas controller Glenn Hager announced Monday that the state will have one hundred nineteen point one billion dollars for lawmakers to us in putting together the state's twenty twenty through twenty twenty one budget. This by Edgar Walters at Texas Tribune. Time. When legislators are vowing to spend more money on public schools in slow the growth of Texas property tax bills. The state should have enough money at its disposal to do just that. That is the news predictions, hold true, Texas controller Glenn Hager on Monday offered cautiously optimistic outlook for the Texas Konami telling lawmakers they have about eight point one percent more state funds of able to budget for public programs primarily schools highways in healthcare in twenty twenty in twenty twenty one Hager projected, there would be about one hundred nineteen billion dollars in state funds. Available for the next two year budget up from one hundred ten billion in the last two year budget cycle, but falling oil prices. In the last month along with heightened uncertainty in the US economy, and international financial markets. Led Hager to deliver a cloudy forecast with some trepidation. So hager. Is making a prediction and he's sitting out of the line on this in. It's all just guess, but it's like eighty percent guests, and so you have the cloudy port quote remain cautiously optimistic but recognize were unlikely to see continued revenue growth at unusually strong rates. We seen in recent months. He said in the number years win the legislative branch of Texas State government convenes in Austin, the controller traditionally kicks things off by gazing into a crystal ball of financial modeling the result is the bi-annual revenue estimate delivered as a PowerPoint presentation in an underground capital auditorium, which guides lawmakers as they decide what to spend on public programs were tax cuts in coming years. The amount of money. Available can vary gray. Lately, depending on how the state's economy performs. Wow. The state savings account known is the rainy day fund is projected to reach Rickard high..

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Glynn Hager, Texas, Legislature discussed on Other Side of Texas

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