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Would hey schooner was tara a large area i'm glad you're feeling better but we must you're caller or get out of the way your europe us the only grassy handled it very well the guy handled it well you're you're good cooler thank you everything good crew it's all about now remember i'll put it about believe me they've they've been sankt there make compensated in any way extra i mean there colonel sanders start in no no for the daddy's gotta high deductible on his medical so hurry to his ideal my question will go on this so look you looked on cook county right correct i i so i can go over a little counter get my soda can jewels over by air exactly again and i will be going to work we normally go to the jewels over by countryside but now we will be going to the jewels over by clarendon hills because that is in japan's county now bringing back bootleggers right back across the county line i'm not taylor man i'm not paying we angering diet coke waco me at all less therefore you want to hear that they say this banned for you too so and although all those chemicals would go something gillislee i won't tell you i don't want to joke about it in answer but i'm happy for me to everything's work in greater are but good legs grid dared i'm going to wake where my answer you got your answer already of or or data is paul ceiling hurry up pay gary youtube i'm jennifer keiper wlsam 890 news sponsored impart byplanes farm in fleet senate republicans have released changes to their healthcare bill to replace obamacare the revised bill imposes a sixmonth waiting period for anyone who let's their health insurance laps for over sixty three days and then wants to reenrol in the plan version of the healthcare a bill passed by the republicanmajority house of representatives last month includes a provision also aimed at those who let their insurance laps for more.

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