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Creep. This. I think this is the. The life blood of being interested in stuff like this. It's almost like we know these secret dirty stories, and there's only a handful of us that wanna talk about it. So that when we're talking just like the entire time is so hard not to basically sing it along with you. Because I did the story on our podcast. I know every word he's saying, it's the the the great onery irony. The tiffany. Late. So he's in debt. That's it. Well, I'm doing pretty well. The court. There's. Guess what? I didn't see you guys there. Hey, but there was a Tiffany original Tiffany skylight, which if he had known that he could have sold it and Ben out of debt. Yes. And and actually. More than out of debt. He would have had. He would have had a nice profit. If that was an script they'd be like you have to take that part out. It's cheesy. It's too simple. At the end. They would just have at the end of the story. They would have everyone's cleaning up the crime scene. That's interesting. What's up? What are you doing that skylight? So what big deal Tiffany? What are you saying that's worth over a hundred and forty thousand dollars really low yoed twenty. That's why killed everyone. Yeah. We'll shame slow. This guy box on heaven. This is what I love about. He was boring guy who you couldn't see that. You'll in him, which I love I'll be at a grocery store or like a party and lean to my husband who is not into murder at all like who. Here. Do you think killed someone because chances are one hundred people someone fucking killed someone which random person that looks totally normal. Do you think it is? And it's just like, I don't know. It's like electrifying me that that's what that's really what humanity person is your husband. He is the last person would suspect did. Cool. Nice. Yeah. That's the way. I would play casual hands serious casual hand kill Lincoln, one of the most acclaimed actors of our day John Wilkes booth him into the box. He'll be okay. George Clooney shot the president then ran away. Yeah. So I mean, I think it's terrifying to us that you know, that these people can. Seem so normal. I no. And then later on you're looking for this reason everyone's looking for this chip, and they never get it. Like, what's the ingredient? And there isn't one. Yeah. There's no one little thing that you can identify that that shows up on a cat scan. Yep. You got that your murderer? There's not accepted you hit your head as a kid a lot that maybe very common. Jerry Lewis would have been. We don't know. He wasn't. We don't know them for a while seven. I did see that was still fishes activity for us. Now, Madison Reed is hair color reinvented. Giving you gorgeous salon-quality colored delivered to your door for less than twenty five bucks. Remember, it's twenty nineteen. Now, remember don't have to choose between outdated box color and the time expensive salon cracked it. In Italy, by master colorist, Madison Reed is professional hair color. You can easily do at home. It's multi tonal ammonia free and made with ingredients. You can feel good about its right? Your hair comes out healthier than when it was before you colored. I which I love that's a really nice feeling, especially when you die your hair, and then it looks shimmery and shiny and loan. I find your perfect shade from Madison Reed expert colored consultation or take the color quiz. I did that at school at Madison dash free dot com. My favorite murder listeners. Get ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit with code, my favorite murder favorite murder at Madison, dash dot com. Goodbye. Turn your dream into a reality was squarespace where space makes it easier than ever to launch your passion project. Love passion. Whether you're looking whether you're looking to start a business, showcase your work published content. So products or more square spaces the tool for you. I love tools with beautiful templates created by world class designers and the ability to customize just about anything with you clicks, you could make easily a beautiful website yourself. Oh, are you rushing score spaces powerful ecommerce functionality lets you sell anything online? And analytics help you grow your site in real time is optimized for mobile right out at the box. And there's nothing to patch or upgrade ever such a relief by domains is simple. And you'll get the help you need with squarespace twenty four seven award-winning customer. Support squarespace empowers millions of people from designers to lawyers artists gamers, even restaurants gyms to turn great ideas into something real even Jim's head to squarespace dot com slash murder for free try and when you're right along. Use the offer code murder to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain, squarespace

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