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Found in a dumpster. This is as Zuza. A lot of those lately. Aren't we? Yeah. It's completely completely devastated. And they know who did it to them. They're coming in as someone who lived in the neighborhood. And then what's interesting about these kinds of cases is you never know what the mother the biological mother is going to be charged with if it can be determined. If they can't determine the child was alive at the time of the birth. Then you don't have manslaughter you'll have emerge murder. What you have is simply some kind of ill illegal disposal of a body, which may be abyss demeanor. So, but it's and then we have these stories of these infants found in the dumpsters. These girls who usually are teenagers who panic. I don't know what they do. They've hidden it from their family, and it's heartbreaking all the way around to say. The least on that note on the hacienda heights girl that was found in a duffel. Remember how I had said that they knew who it was. But they were waiting to locate next of kin, we just got a, you know, a an Email to our newsroom that saying that is actually an error. That's from a source that we normally trust. But the police still do need as many tips as they can get on that story. So the emails started with Rondo Bongo. Yeah. They were like you're practically like kind of a little bit of good for you for correcting that I wouldn't have but good for you for making a correction. Okay. Well, Gloria Allred mentioned for at least the second time on the show today. She represents at least two women who are. Accusing R Kelly of sexual assault. Now, she says there's a new person who is a witness who can corroborate their claim..

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