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I love my horror movies like i. So many of my coworkers and girlfriends they talk about chick flicks and i'm just like nope. Dark fear and horror movies like apparently. I'm a dude at heart man. I don't even know what my genre is anymore. I don't hockey okay. I will no longer belabor the people under the stairs connection that nobody else seems to be making i. I have yet to listen to aim for the head which i did mention it to steve on their facebook page. Where i'm like. Oh my god back me up on this like the people under the stairs. You're probably like one of three people who's watched it. Well i you know that makes me feel like maybe i should direct direct message greg nicotera and be like am i crazy. I know i'm crazy. But i'm crazy about this. Hey i think you should shouldn't see if he responds to you. I double dog dare you. I will tweet him very good. Yup tweet him tonight okay. I am drinking a giant bottle of chocolate raspberry stout so i will need to write that down. Tweet nicotera all right all right so are featured cast because we're running kind of thin featured cast because there aren't enough new cast members. Steve and we decided that we were going to talk about the guy who played frost. Who is the prisoner. Who was with god blanking on his name. not norman. rita's now know who's with darrell. Darrell new from alexandria. And darryl was like i don't know you i don't know you are right. And then then. We didn't have greg. How god is completely fried. I'm sorry i'm so tired. Then we did not have daryl in last episode. We have them again in this episode. I had issues with that. We'll talk about that Anyway pope ended up killing for us. Yes so of course because the character died we try and if there's more than one sorry but if a character dies we try and make them the featured cast member and plus zilly the only really new cast member That we haven't done yet. So frost aka glenn stanton which by the way he cleans a very nice. Oh yeah definitely so. He kind of started out life as sports bowler. So just so. We're clear about which sports ball he played in a junior. Us basketball team. I don't know exactly what that means. I don't know if that means like Out of high school beginning of college or still in high school but then he actually played a middle linebacker for ohio. Northern university and i looked at him. And i'm like dude. You're not really big enough to be linebacker. Because i'm learning about that sports ball too. Yeah i wouldn't know how big seventy needs to be to be a linebacker. Linebackers are generally big..

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