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Jeremy was just getting out of the shower when Jr arrived without talking much. They gathered Jeremy's bloody clothes into a garbage bag. They walked to the apartment of Jeremy's drug dealer Cam who he visited a few hours. Before Cam hesitantly. Let them inside. Jeremy asked him if he had any ice for his I then he and Jr hung out at the apartment for a while. They looked exhausted and the dealer offered him his room so they could get some sleep. Jr in particular seemed drained. The dealer later said she was spaced. Out Wasn't all there. It was like she had seen a ghost in camps bedroom. Jeremy twelve-year-old Jr on top of him and they had sex jeremy once again committed statutory rape. The preteen later said he was trying to make me feel better and comfort me. I was scared before. I continue with. Jr Psychology please note that. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but I have done a lot of research for this show. Jr's reliance on. Jeremy for comfort is not an uncommon dynamic between victims and abusers forensic psychologist Nadia Wager explained that child predators work to create an emotional bond with the child through becoming their best friend and making the child feels special in this way. The child becomes emotionally dependent on the perpetrator. The dependency is further. Fueled by isolating the child from others. Some predators may turn their victims against their loved ones in this case. Jeremy Literally murder. Jr's family cutting all her ties. Completely afterward she had no one else but him. Gr likely felt this dependence keenly in the aftermath of the murderers after resting at the dealer's apartment. She and Jeremy went to the liquor store to pick up. Some drinks then went on to a nearby house party. Reportedly they seem to be in good spirits. The murderers were now behind them. It's possible they were compartmentalizing. And the killings didn't seem real. Jr leader said. I was so out of my mind. I couldn't really process what had happened. And I was trying really hard not to think about it but while. Jr trying to forget the gruesome scene back at her house. Others were just discovering the horror that afternoon jr six year old neighbor dropped by our house to play with JR brother. When nobody answered the door. He looked into the basement window and saw bodies covered in blood. He raced home to tell his mother who phoned the police and one forty five pm for officers searched the house. They found a little black dog whining and guarding the bodies of Marc and Debra in the basement upstairs they found the body of. Jr's eight year old brother. They saw another bedroom clearly. Belonging to a teenage girl but JR was nowhere to be found. Police worried that she may have been kidnapped by intruders. Who had murdered her family. They shared her photograph with journalists and called on the media to spread the word about the missing teen back at the House Party. Jr had no idea. She was missing person. She and Jeremy even gloated to one of Jeremy's friends twenty two year old. James Wally about what they done at one point during the party. Jeremy Took James. Aside and said we killed my girlfriend's family last night I gutted them like a fish. Jr added my little brother gargled. James couldn't imagine they were really serious. He later remarked. Who would believe their best friend? Did something like that. Jeremy also took another friend aside. Nineteen year old. Casey Lancaster Jeremy knew that she had a crush on him. She was always eager to do him favors and that night. He took advantage of her generosity. He asked Casey to clean out his trunk for him. He told her he'd gotten messy and didn't want his mother to see. Casey was happy to help. She picked up some disposable wipes in cleaned the interior of his car. She later said she saw spots of blood but she assumed it was. Jeremy's she'd seen his black eye and guest he'd been bleeding after some kind of fight. She didn't know why Jeremy asked her to clean the truck later saying he didn't really give me any reason. After getting rid of the evidence she returned to the Party Jeremy. Jr stayed at the house until the evening. Witnesses saw them kissing laughing and whispering to each other on the couch as far as other partygoers could tell. They looked happy.

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