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The big series for the cubs to. So these are always fun. These Wrigley field series aren't they create. It's still too early. Talk about ending anybody's chances right now, but what the cardinals, even if they won three out of five, they'd pick up a game against the cubs. And realistically, if they could pick up a game a week, they'd be in pretty good shape. When we get toward the end of the season, I think the cubs have their holes, the brewers have. There's the brewers really stub, their toe against the pirates going into the break. The pirates are playing better. So are the reds and now the cardinals are trying to do what the reds in the pirates have done recently, and that's played better baseball and give themselves a chance what what is going to be a little hard to tell this for for a while. But we have the start of the mic, chill air on Sunday. You're going to see maybe a little different tactics strategy from this manager. What do you think we should expect? Let's wait and see. I think we'll have to see how it all plays out. We know this at the guys like playing for him in the minor leagues mentioned this yesterday or a couple of days ago when we spoke Mark that. They won championships at Johnson city a class two different times and then one in Springfield so they, do like playing for Mike and Mike shelled has a very good idea about what he's going to do and how he's going to implement those. Things Ron pop Warner is here is a, bench coach and the. Cardinals have a couple of different hitting coaches here now Mark Podesta's up. From the minor leagues along with George? Greer Georgia's a terrific. Baseball man so it's a very good staff backing up Mike. Show and we'll see if the cardinals can do just a little better job of catching the ball that's been one of their biggest problems the poor defense Excuse me Mark, has really hurt. The pitching and has caused a lot more pitches then they'd like. To throw but we'll see if they can clean that. Area up I think they'll do a whole lot better the. Remaining games on the. Two thousand eighteen schedule well John. Enjoy the, series if. He can up there and. Chicago and, now we hope that there's not too many delays because you gotta get this. Baseball in these are two important of games that they. Are and then going. Right onto Cincinnati to play the reds over, there where the cardinals have done well overall. Against the reds but managed only one win in the three games last weekend so these are big big division games we have eight before coming back home and. The cardinals got it started tonight with Martinez on the mound against Kyle Hendricks who's a very good pitcher in. His, own right by John have a good weekend we'll talk to you next Tuesday I'm Mark. Chris Wray you'll have the pre-game tonight it's four twenty, five at the voice of Saint.

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