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Center. Here in Santa Ana. That's captain Ben Gonzalez speaking with can ex He says that their ages or 26, 31. As for damage in this fire, no confirmation that any homes were burned or destroyed. I did see several cars that were destroyed by the fire and the wind gusts. They've subsided just a bit. A lot of fire engines still in the area here. This is still a fire that has grown to 4000 acres in size and with zero containment reporting live in Irvine, Craig figure can extend 70 news radio. Many of the evacuation centers are already full. Here at the University Community Center in Irvine. About two dozen people and pets are in a large room separated by family groups. That table's set far apart. Issue. Cove it they can't accept too many people. I received evacuation water from my phone. 8 30. This college student is here with her mom. This guy was orange by then, and the witness was still strong, and that's when we decided to evacuate by took time. It took about an hour for us to pack and get everything ready. Many other evacuees just sitting in their cars outside the centre. They do have access to bathrooms, food and water. But this is not an overnight shelter, and when I asked evacuees where they're going to go, most of them said they're not yet sure. In Irvine, Emily Valdez que next. 10 70 news radio. These centers I'll have room lost Lomas Community Center Turtle Rock Community Center Village Church of Irvine, Newport's coast Community Center. We have the list in Kenya. Next 10 70 dot com. The biggest issue that firefighters are facing is a combination of what always occurs in.

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