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Benefits for those affected. Andrew and Tomorrow is a New York City firefighters and first responders at ground Zero. Effects are long going and everybody said never forget, And if they don't want to fund this bill that they've forgotten while the terrorist attacks killed nearly 3000 people, officials now believe more than that number have died since from 9 11 related illnesses. Dave Packer. ABC NEWS New YORK President Biden will visit all three terror attacks sites tomorrow he won't speak. But tonight releasing recording on Twitter with a message for those who are remembering losses, America and the world commemorate you and your loved ones. Pieces of your soul. We honor all those who risked and gave their lives in the minutes hours, months and years after its president Biden, also calling on Americans to come together to recapture the national unity after the attacks. The Daily average number of Covid deaths in the U. S has climbed to about 1100 a big jump in the past month. Russia accuses American Tech companies of election meddling maybe sees Connor Finnegan. Russia has been pressuring social media giants like Twitter over content critical of the Kremlin, Russian state media says. US. Ambassador John Sullivan was summoned on Friday meeting with Russia's deputy foreign minister. And presented with quote, irrefutable evidence of election interference. The State Department says the two met and discussed a wide range of issues after busy week in court for the January 6th investigation. Approximately 10% of the rioters who were arrested for taking part In the insurrection of now pled guilty to the charges against them, according to an ABC News tally. You're listening to ABC News myth versus fact, No, it's not a myth Long Covid..

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