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The working memory 'cause they you have to pay attention to the environment to what the others are doing have to coordinate with your friends, you have to make up your strategy, and you tactics all that is consuming a lot of energy for the brain at. So the more the harder new keep this. It is to keep the twenty minutes as it's a good a good timing. Look at fed talks. Their mill twenty minutes. It's also because of that it's easier to focus on the topic for twenty minutes beyond that. It's it might be more difficult to stay concentrated unless you're super-motivated and your into a goal the flow. This is when you don't even realize that time is passing that you need to restaurant. Whoa. You're hungry because you really absorbed by your task, whether it is your you're creating something you are painting or you country numbers, or whatever it is that you do that you care about. And that requires some efforts, we are definitely in the flow of our conversation here, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. But I yes. But I, but I do need to take a quick break. Taking your advice that breaks her good to thank our sponsor for this episode of triangulation, which is the interest shown, the interest is a podcast from Microsoft, and it is your biweekly conversation. An interview podcast about share point one drive and related. Technology within Microsoft, three sixty five you're gonna get the most out of share point unlearn, how it works for you. If you've listened to the interest on each episode covers important topics in information about Microsoft share point, including news and announcements a focused topic of the week, a guest perspective section where you hear from various experts users partners and customers a partner highlight where they'll feature a partner from the strong ecosystem frequently asked questions.

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