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Four hour news desk in an officer involved shooting in northwest Atlanta channel two action news reporting that the shooting happened near some apartments in the three thousand block of Middleton road. Atlanta police confirming that no officers have been injured the FBI is now investigating. Breaking news first, this is W S twenty four hour continuing news morning news for Georgia Tech students are kidnapped and raw according to the police report for students made a run to crispy cream on pot shortly before ten Monday night after getting their doughnuts. They say a man came up to him and ask for a lighter, and then some money one of the four students gave the man a five dollar Bill after that they say he pulled a gun and forced them into the students car another man getting into the car and making the students hand over their phones and then drive to an ATM where at gunpoint, they made each of them withdraw two hundred dollars the suspects. Then had the guys drop them off by the Benz. No one was hurt in the incident. The investigation is ongoing Michelle Wright WSB a fraternity chapter at LSU dating back almost a century closes following the hazing death of a Roswell teenager. Delta Kappa Epsilon says it's forced to close its doors at LSU over hazing an alcohol violations. It comes as a university cracks down on unsafe practices fraternities and sororities and response to the two thousand seventeen death of max groover, we told you the PHI delta Theta pledge had a blood alcohol level. Point four nine five when he died during a drinking game that's six times the legal limit Gruber's. Parents have filed a twenty five million dollar. Wrongful death lawsuit against the school. The Fred is banned from campus until twenty thirty three John Hickinbotham. Cuddle ESP Atlanta on Wall Street representatives, the Atlanta Super Bowl fifty three host committee ringing, the opening bell this morning on the new York Stock Exchange some of those on hand included Arthur blank. Georgia's new governor, Brian camping Atlanta, mayor kisha, Lance bottoms. And as it gets ready for the Super Bowl Marta is spending about one hundred thousand dollars to Shane signs the Mercedes Benz stadium. Stop is still named for the dome and Philips arena, which are long gone. More than six hundred transit ambassadors will also be there to help fans. Get to the stadium. WBZ news time is.

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