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And beating up giant monsters that film was what was called paths do starring the what ask girls and originally. They were the what became the powerful thrills girls in it was sugar and spice and everything. Nice and an accidental. Bash? But then when we went to do the first shorts for Cartoon Network. Obviously, they were like you can't call the show will pass girls the girls born I was at the right place at the right time. I got a job right out of Cal arts at Hanna Barbera on a show called two stupid dogs. I was able to get a job as an art director. They and asked me if I knew anybody, and I brought in my friends Gandhi Tartokowski Robinson's Eddie, so we really wordless group of young kids right out of Cal arts never worked in the industry before we were all shoved in a trailer. Six of us were shoved in a trailer on the backlot of handlebar Barra. And while we are working on dogs Turner had acquired Hanna Barbera Cartoon Network showed up and Cartoon Network which had been airing repeats for a few. You know for a few years decided we want to start making original shows. We wanna make an original cartoon, and we're looking for ideas. So the fact that I had that student film, and I happened to be at Hanna Barbera right at that acquisition and Cartoon Network. Happened to be looking for shorts. I just kind of jumped at the chance and went here. I've got this thing. I wanna make a show. I know I've never done that before. But I I really want to do it. I wasn't even considering the power puff was gonna ever get picked up. I thought my shorts were too weird. And it wasn't gonna work, and I would just keep working on other people shows but sometime around nineteen Ninety-seven, Mike Laszlo and Linda som Inskeep. Came into my office and said, we're picking up power puff. We're giving you a series over the years. They kept getting people calling them in contacting them about the power of shorts. We did saying why are you making that into a show? Why isn't that being picked up, and they're honestly really wasn't of large long development process. It was sort of an immediate pickup. The only notes I remember getting early on was they had a hard time telling blossom bubbles and buttercup apart. And so there was a very brief time where they suggested calling them pink blue and green, and I went no, I'm not calling them pink, blue and green. It's my job to make you know, who they are as individuals. And so when I. Put together the the bible for power puff. I wrote a series of twenty questions and then had each girl answer it in their own individual way. And by reading that they could see how the characters were all different from each other..

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