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Avenue exit fifteen there is an accident at least one lane is blocked off the cover heavy delays back from Franklin Avenue our next topic updates coming up in ten minutes on seven ten W. O. R. itself Oct time for the weather we get meteorologist can go to the weather channel with this and your buddy ray state check is off this week he's been telling me he's coming up here to upstate New York to snowmobile I know if he's gonna find any snow but certainly this is not so noble bill weather here in the the tri state area went in no certainly not temperatures are actually gonna be warmer today that we were over the weekend we were at well into the forties over the weekend which is several degrees above average but here to start off the work week temperatures are in the fifties both today and tomorrow which is a good fifteen degrees above average now we'll get a little cooler as we look towards the middle part of the week for temperature still falling back into the forty so all in all above average here and we do have several rounds of rain to talk about mix of clouds and sunshine today though fifty four this afternoon forty two tonight scattered rain showers tomorrow and into tomorrow night so reaching mid fifties cloudy a little cooler on Wednesday with mid forties in the looks like more rain in upper forties to low fifties for both Thursday and Friday currently forty at W. O. R. this report is sponsored by the exigent Hambro scanner thermometer brutal cold and flu season is here the number one flu symptom is fever so use a thermometer proven accurate by more than eighty clinical studies we can't always predict the flu season but we can always prepare for with the expert in temporal scanner ex Surgeon dot com W. O. R. first morning news show Bartlett well they are sitting is dealing with three possible cases of the coronavirus this morning one person being treated at Bellevue hospital in Manhattan two others are at flushing New York Presbyterian in queens and it's got people concerned this morning on scary because you know knowing that is coming from the hospital my towel to see take a grandmother and his site wow you know I said enough to hold all three patients had a fever with a cough and shortness of breath they didn't have influenza or another cold virus leading to fears that it could be coronavirus state senator John Lou urging people not to panic health precautions should be undertaken black with every winter like with every flu season but there's really no need to panic and to avoid activities that we always do as new Yorkers we are hardy people JFK and Newark airports both conducting enhanced screening for people who travel within China in the last two weeks there now eleven confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U. S. U. S. also limiting travel for fear of the spreading this deadly disease foreigners who have been in China the past couple of weeks are banned from entering the U. S. more than three hundred people have died in China from the respiratory illness thousands have been infected American citizens were traveled to the area of China where the outbreak is centralized will be quarantined for two weeks closing arguments going to take place in the Senate impeachment trial today but after the senators voted on Friday not to call witnesses president trump's acquittal is inevitable on.

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