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Every Sunday. Seventy seven ABC. As mentioned moments ago, the Yang smack in action today to mingle among who's just been nothing short of amazing nine in one this season pitching to listen three ERA host the Yanks yunky no thirty four and seventeen. They built their lead to three over Tampa Bay and seven plus over the Red Sox can't beat Houston. So this has been quite a season for the young, but I will say this the Yankee fans caution them just a little bit. The Yankees against four lands place teams. The Baltimore Orioles land on the AL the extra ten into the Kansas City Royals in last in the AL central the young, so five and one the San Francisco Giants last place on the L west youngster three and, and the Seattle Mariners horn last in the AL west. The Yankees are three in one so against those four last place teams the twenty one in four. Now, look, you've you gotta beat his on your schedule. That's great. The twenty one in four thirteen thirteen against everybody else, which includes Houston they can't beat some of the better teams in baseball. So it's good. The early season schedule gave the Yanks opportunity to feast on some of the worst teams and they're doing that again, twenty one in four against lousy clubs. But when you say they don't eat are in judge don't need on call ho- Stanton that. Oh, need DD thirteen thirteen against everybody else. And that's where you make the big money. So it's been fun. I don't think going to do with guys like Strada and Ursula when these guys get healthy. Gotta find a way to play them, right? We'll see. Anyway. Dana cavalier is that right? That's right. Spent twelve years the strength and conditioning coach for the Yanks and performance enhancement, which always sounds a little dirty, but it's not he, he kept these guys in shape role longtime. He's got a brand new book out habits of a champion. Nobody beat comes a champion by accident. So I guess you with the young from a one to thirteen. Yes. I actually started in oh to, to fourteen. Okay. Yeah I read a story about you today. I think it was Newsday when the Yanks decided not to bring you back. And the guy said of got who wrote it wasn't Neil best, and he's like, look, you can't blame Dana from October sheriff's wrist. You can't blame Dana for Derrick jeeter camp and ankle. You know, you can't blame the third example. But another major superstorm for the Yanks. Oh, it was Kotas Granderson form. So you can't blame Dana for all of this, but the Yanks have decided not to bring them back. So after a lengthy stay and world championships. What do you think the Steinbrenner Cashman who never come into elected, not to bring you back, you know, alternately it's, it's just what the businesses said. You know, you know, when I got into this line of work in this business. I looked at, you know, other sports. I looked at baseball. I looked at a guy like Joe Torry, and ultimately, once you signed that contract, it's like turning over the hour glass and it's just a matter of time. It's just the business. It's nothing personal. And, you know for me. I started as a nineteen year old kid and I got a great chance with the New York Yankee. So I'm one hundred percent grateful for that. Sure. But the Yankees the, whether you got they let you go, the Yankees, not make the playoffs. It was only the second time in nineteen years. They had not made the playoffs at the time. Dating back to. Honey me, as I guess, I'm trying to figure out how you already part of the reason for that. You know, I really I don't know what you're saying the right things. No, no. Honestly, you know, I just don't Brian Cashman the other night in town. We were walking, and the relationship is still strong. It's like I said, it's just it's just the business. And when you understand that, you know, you don't sweat it. And I'm not just saying to say it. I really believe that and it's the truth not believe listen. You, you in great shape, you your biggest not as good as you though. God, much better shape than me. I'm older. I'm fifty two. I'm thirty six got you by long's. Yes. So sixteen years, it'll be a good shape. But you look great. And you keep yourself in great shape and you know how to keep players in great shape, but I gotta ask you this. What is going on? It's not just the Yankees. All of course major league baseball. There are more and more injuries. Now, what I hear guys say is too much working out too much, lifting weights too much this too much that this is your business. Why all these guys particularly the Yankees getting hurt? Every year. Yeah. So the focus for a long time, that, you know, has always been about building strength and power. But the reality is when you bring players into a big league team in or onto a big league team, they already possess those characteristics. You know, we're bringing a muscle do we need more of that? Or do we need to keep them loose pliable and flexible, little bit more of like the Tom Brady approach to, you know, to sport and years ago? Each row Suzuki told me when he said when I trained like an American and lifting weights and getting bigger. It was the only time that my performance actually decreased that what he said. That's what he said. So that's why when you would watch each euro prepare for a game. Everything was about getting loose flexible and staying lengthened because he's to say the fatter and bigger, your muscles, the big your tendons, get you lose the range of motion in your joints. Explain to me, Barry, Bonds, Mark Maguire, Mike Piazza Clements. These guys have put up good numbers. They put up numbers never be approached again. Explaining to me. Well, you also just mentioned four guys. That were obviously, you know, heavy participants in the drug era. Right. So as much as they were building size strength they were also taking things to recover as well players today. You know they're training and they're getting the size. But are they recovering as much as the players back in the day, we don't know, we always, maybe this is unfair, but there's always this? Maybe it's a misconception. Maybe it's not that the players, always one step ahead. So whether it's H T H something they can take those eight recovery. By the way and size. There's something out there that baseball doesn't test for yet. If you look at the hormone numbers this year, I know the baseball is different. But again, they are bashing bowls out of the ballpark, guys that don't usually hit home runs written four hundred foot home runs and the fans to they must be doing something baseball doesn't know about yet. Yeah. Well, it's two parts of that, again, you know players today you know, they're starting to train at a much younger age. These players are coming in. It's a much different player today when you look at the player profile today versus even. Ten years ago there in the jeeter era. You're talking about some big strong, powerful boys on the on the drug front. Absolutely. I worked with an Olympian years ago and used to say the drugs are always a head of the testing. Yes. And that, that could be. But also, we have to make sure that these drugs are also calibrated for the sport. And we may not know exactly the negative effects of the drugs right now. So we may be in testing phase guys taking. I don't know speculation but we we don't know right habits of a champion. Nobody becomes a champion by accident. Dana cavalier spent twelve years with the Yankees on championship teams. So you'll deal when Iran shows up, and when he gets in two thousand four that's after his days in Texas. And again, according to urban legend that's what he was using more than ever even more than he did with the Yanks when he first walked in what kind of physical specimen was. You know, when he walked in remember it was I was in spring training in Tampa. And I see this big beautiful tan men highlights in his hair. I said, oh my God. Look at this guy donnas, and he was in an amazing guy to be around and watch. But, you know, I know he got caught up in some of the drug stuff, but his preparation and his commitment to training was unbelievable. And at the same time, what a great team players love them. The young players gravitated. Well, that was one guy. At the same time, you know when we were in a playoff on. Everybody was dining together, we were all together as a unit, and I believe that's why that's why we won. But ultimately thing with Alice, he did spend a lot of time talking to game with young players trying to make them feel comfortable and. You know you gotta tip you listen. He's really good on Sunday nights, and he has been because she really doesn't know the game. Yeah. I mean, I would think he'll be a baseball lifer now who get some fun office job. Or maybe Joe position who knows? He don't know the game. Now when I'm went about your book is even though you a physical trainer this book, spent a lot of time talking about mental training, right? Don't be you have to fail before you can win. Nobody knows how other failed time and time and time again. So as a lot of close in this book that you may have heard before, but you're able to apply them to the Yankees, and two championship team, which makes it much more practical, right? When you're working with players on a day-to-day basis, there turning themselves over to you with their greatest asset, which is their body. You don't wanna waste that our you get with them three or four days a week when you could work their mind and for me to understand who they are. And what made them tick, and I was to get more out of them as a as a coach. You know, and at the same time, you know, people think these pro athletes. Are, you know, these superhumans now physically and from a talent standpoint they are? But mentally they still deal with the same things in stressors that you and I deal with everybody else deals with right? And we gotta work. Not much. The next car payment rookie still are those the other guys, you know, that presents other problems in, you know in itself. But ultimately, it was about taking the pressure off these guys. So they could go out there and play freely every single day much like they did when they were kids, not just a struggle conditioning. Coach you also serve, basically as a therapist for these guys. Well, we, we had a mental conditioning. Coach didn't unbelievable job as well. But again, I looked at it at the time that I had a chance to spend with these guys, why waste it and they would share their their issues with you and their problems. They were dealing with a Yankees, Utah. Again, you on the team that won four championships in all these guys, the guys that you met worked out that you really came to really appreciate like and not to name names. But anybody that you worked with you, like you know what guys have been of dick? Yeah. I get that question everywhere, I go was the biggest dick you ever worked with me. And you know. From from my end. I gotta say like the players when he get to that level. Yeah. They, they were pretty cool because they've been humbled so many times. But I, I love poll, and he's quite on. Yes network. I love them. The already looks like he could have been a bit of a dick and his playing the only guy that I came across. And I could say was really dick, he is. But he's a he's a fun dick, but, but but you know Tony Womack was a player years ago that was that was difficult that I had found that was the only player but.

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