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Kyw's tim jimenez review showing what happened between wildwood cops and twenty year old emily wineman in video one officers ask wineman about alcohol she had with her she took a breathalyzer and maintained the drinks in open containers belong to her aunt video to wineman refuses to give the cops her last name it ends with the officer looking to handcuff her but it looks like she shoves him away the third clip this is the officers point of view of the cell phone video that went viral grabner taken out us slander on the ground she kicked him and then i just thought i hit her a couple of times wiedemann's attorney says the videos show the officers overreacting this entire incident is under investigation in the meantime wineman faces several charges including aggravated assault tim jimenez kyw newsradio news time nine oh five a man is in critical condition after crashing his car while trying to drive himself to the hospital after being shot in the cities fern rock section late last night here's kyw's dan wayne police officials say the thirty year old victim crashed his car into a sign while trying to drive himself to the hospital around eleven thirty pm he then jumped out of his car and got into a cop car that had been following him for driving a radically according to chief inspector scott small and the officer realized that the mail was bleeding heavily from the face the officer took the victim to weinstein hospital where he was treated for that gunshot wound police later returned to the shooting scene at twelfth streets to begin their investigation and are asking anyone with information to call them mmediately dan wing kyw newsradio news time nine oh six secretary of state mike pompeo will spend the day meeting with a high level north korean representative in new york last night the two sat down over dinner to get to know each other better reporters were waiting for secretary of state pompeo at the palace hotel as he arrived for dinner with a top aide to kim jong wounds kim yong tool is the former head of north korea's intelligence apparatus they'll meet again today here in new york white house press secretary sarah sanders said the discussion is still focused on denuclearization that's what these ongoing conversations taking place now will be centered on as well as this summit that would take place in singapore she said whether that happens on june twelfth or later date they'll be ready steve kastenbaum new york kyw news time services cooling and plumbing sponsors.

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