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Fine we cut the FI- jaap and added on top O- of the of the frozen healthy. I'll just show you. It looks like it's it's just a looks like regular ice cream. And after the show Cheryl. I think we're GONNA have a little party very hardy. I think for advocating for Party and keeper keeper Keefer Party yummy healthy. No guilt no guilt. You have now. Didn't you lose? You gave out bread to one of the one of the main points that the doctor McBride made in her book of gaps. Diet that fat is not what makes us bad. It's actually carbohydrates and the to kind of know knows Our sugar and flour we and so Um and more people are catching onto that and not eating anything. That's white. I mean as far as the carbohydrates and some of the dairy. I mean now with this. It's like changed my thinking about dairy. It pulls the bad stuff out of it Cheryl. When I was a kid and I played sports every season and when I got home from practice at like five thirty evening I would go to the fridge. Grab that quarter meal and you know my mother's a gotree out of the bottle. I couldn't help myself sometimes. Drink a whole thing. It was a love affair with milk and then from probably the age of Early Twenties until recently interesting. No milk you know it. It kind of got off the radar and there were it was so What's the word I'm looking toward here? Wada negatives yeah media and medical reports about you know how dairy is not all that good exactly but you found a way around it. I I am back back having a love affair with mill. I tell you it's obvious. And this is a core container of Kiefer in each day. I drink pretty close to this quantity one way or another whether it's with oatmeal make a nice combination of Kiefer an oatmeal or in a smoothie. Or I'm having a little ice cream. Treat before bad. Whatever it is. That's about how much I'm using one more thing here. What is the that's brains right? You were pulling something out of here magic bag here with all your keefer in this budget. Saint I won't tease the audience viewers though so my goodness talked about the savings. You know economically that it saves like fifty percent of your products. You buy here that you could save. Yeah well in. In some cases it's way more than that like for instance on the on the beat Gosh you know in a store. Health food store for that quantity of Permitted you'd pay probably at least ten dollars in the cost to produce at home is probably more like one or two. You know for that amount. So so it's at least a fifty percent savings What what we've found my wife and I is the our food choices have actually narrowed and we get so much pleasure from eating these kind of foods that were not spending money on Ben and Jerry's ice cream and You know other chief See's candy and you know some of these different little items that you want to treat yourself with. We're actually able to produce our own treats now and we love them and they're healthy. They're free and that's good fear psyche and it's good for your second. Frayne put so there's another thing that I wanted to ask you about. That's the sugar factor the pathogenic sugar factor. I know we have. Oh I just wanted to expand. Yeah the fact that you don't have sugar present The pathogenic bacteria which feeds off of sugar is not GonNa get a foothold in contaminate the product. And just today I read in the in the news that creamery in Texas was shut down because of food poisoning that had come from their dairy products. I think it was some some ice cream product and they had to recall all of their products at the installed stores because some people died from serious. There's a you're just improving the safety when you're working with the lactic acid bacteria we think of we. You know we've been taught since we were little kids. The back curious. Bad and so- probiotics are a form of bacteria that are extremely beneficial here. And this is only scientifically been really documented in the last five years so we have a whole new paradigm shift. That's coming into play here. With the the beginning of the twenty first century. This is not unlike what happened in the twentieth century with a chemical food preservatives and the use of chemicals and all aspects of our life. Look what it's done to people and the planet and the animals and I mean it's affected everything ecosystem right so so we're moving from from a chemical focus into a microbial focus and it's a very exciting time to be alive. Yes yes yes and preserve in a healthier way exactly you know mentally physically emotionally and hopefully tap into that spiritual thing. Pardon into goodness is there. Are there any more recipes that you have? Maybe you don't have any magic box here. Well things like We have a a week. Weekly ritual of pancakes on the weekend. And so it's very easy to make sourdough pancakes Bigest blending up equal quantities of Kiefer and flower. So you use just the Keefer this. Yeah just just liquid. Keefer liquid keefer flour and we're kind of flower us all purpose flour. Okay and just if you let it age overnight by the next morning that Kiefer will have Converted the flour into actually shower. Oh Wow so. It's created a health healthy form of pancakes right. So so I think We just barely talked upon. This is making bread keefer bread and you haven't quite done. You're good because you don't eat bread you don't you. Don't eat much bread. I think you eat bread. Maybe once a week yeah I gotta start doing that myself because it does tend to blow to you so if you have an allergy to it so anyway any any other I think for now. That's your cereal exploring other things because you I mean since I since we first started talking I met you almost two and a half years ago in front of the fun. Good Earth And you were only doing the soda. The time the Keefer. But the sodas. Now look what you're doing and I'm sure you'll keep expanding and spreading the word out there because not only is it natural and healthy. It saves big time money. One last point I wanted to make is Probiotics are what really helps to boost the immune system and our immune system is what we depend on how to purify our body of the toxins that we cake in. Whether it's from the air whether it's from the water whether it's food that we're eating we go out to a restaurant. We don't know You know the quality of the Chem trails morale whatever wherever the toxins may come from Our immune system is designed to to rid our body of these toxins and so the more friendly bacteria we have of the stronger our immune system is in the the better. We are able to resist Illness Amen and is there any other wonderful last minute advice or anything that you'd like to share? I think that's pretty. Well covered the waterfront for the time being at well. It's been wonderful and I. We appreciate you sharing this and educating us about this thanks for being so interested well hey. I mean this is also probiotic health so here we go and this is just the beginning. I think so so. Thank you so much for sharing took. We hope you enjoyed today's episode of wealth. Transformation we encourage you to apply the information you learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being a part of our podcast when you were moved or motivated please let us know how the show influenced your life. E mailing at Dr Cheryl Dot Wealth Transformation at g mail DOT COM for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you. Further please visit Cheryl Shire DOT COM or call. Four one five two four six six eight eight one as a gift. You can get Doctor. Cheryl's booked wealth.

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