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U C A. D Mike Bone is out there now. It's Southern cow. All right, so I guess, uh, rumors are rampant. At Luke Fickell is headed for project happen. Don't let it happen, But I don't know. We'll see what happens. Eighth rated Barrack Cats are getting ready to face off against Indiana Saturday. I'm sure Mr Fickle. Talk about it tonight. 8 to 9 Luke Fickell show live from the original Montgomery and on ESPN 15 30 Monday night Football. It was David Carr's TD passes A Jones at 3 38 left in overtime. Raiders over the Ravens 33 27. How about that? Bengals are on the road Sunday up against Andy Dalton and the Bears. But I don't know. I mean, Justin Fields may be in there. Who knows? Because I Mr Dalton wasn't too good on Sunday. Against the Ram. Did they move them in and out? They It wasn't just Dalton yanked. Yeah, I think. Yeah. I think Justin Fields came in in the second half of the game. I believe so. I didn't want to get because they only scored fourth. They got beat 34 14 so And then Jesse Bates talked a little contract. Yeah, about today so well. He had some interesting comments to make and Reds open a three game series of against the Pirates tonight in Pittsburgh. Coverage. 5 35 Sports Talking Yarnell Global Logistics Inside Pitch and at Kelsey Chevrolet. Extra inning show after the game. That's a lot going on. 700 wlw Alright Jay Ratliff. Good morning, sir. How are you? Mike..

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