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If i only knew whose online percent right right right we were incompatible as online personas but as humans were pretty good that's awesome all right guys that's that's our our take home is do not don't build it up don't build up person in in their flesh and then you know if you can stand it have sex with them it's not for everybody to i mean i feel like i have a lot of sexual energy all the time people are much more repressed and that's fine too whatever you need whatever you need basically you're not wrong by that we mean we're right are you guys that's the end of the show fear pleasure thanks for having me pleasure now listen if people wanted to find you and follow your good works for what they did do not ticks me online on my over your iceberg dot com should be updated i'll get on that but i think i say that every week about my stuff but also i'm adolf your e on twitter and theory on instagram was so if you want the positive for the negative or ask me another have you can find asking other on i tunes in all places you get podcast and subscribe to check on her life show during new york we're traveling love to see you and also you're and i are doing a show together that's right this which i will be telling you about later once it's on my website yeah as part of a great festival called speak up risa and so you'll have a chance to see me fear and another fake the nation early abban emma in action together so that the great opportunity you can also see me in the vegetable mystery tour and charleston west virginia you can see me in in chicago for way don't tell me at the end of the month oh.

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