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Morning. Big news. Oh, big news, Marty Smith that for sure. No. I'm just making stuff up. I know the internet fast is a good way to lose weight. And also already seems healthy. You should not do that for extended. Periods of time Marty Smith is a picture of health incredibly fit you can tell by how he jumps at the opportunity to dress himself in full football uniform that are made by that are skin tight and money. Did look Marnie. You looked really good. I saw videos of you at Tennessee and full football uniform. And you looked fantastic Craigie better. Breaking news. My by Nike. Oh, yeah. That's right. Data's sorry. Yeah. I the breakfast conversation intrigues me because I've kind of gone around the world with this one. I I'm currently in a stage where I am working out before I eat, and the reason I'm in stages because I'm not in like a full blown like endurance training stage, which I am sometimes and you have to before that, man. You'll just run you'll you'll you'll run straight outta gas. Jack, the US men's soccer team. Does this thing? Pre breakfast beach runs. And apparently, you just the calories just melt away when you exercise before you actually breakfast and he tried to this morning. Oh, really? They did a tremendous job on performance. So if you haven't been following us on Instagram, you really should because we finally secured, the verified lebatardshow Twitter handle, and we're putting all sorts of cool content on their Alison is crazy about this Instagram platform in a good way. It brings out the best analysis, and we're putting a lot of stuff out there. And you're helping us out you go and all these cool places, and we're putting up exclusive video on social media. And you're helping us out on the television show last week, you were in Tennessee and you interviewed Phillip Fulmer. And you did recent polls that we're on our show with Phillip Fulmer, we've got really good feedback. Are you doing something like that? Again, this week my plan is so I don't know if it's going to come to fruition or not because I've not spoken personally yet with Kyle about it. But I'm interviewed pal. Bush NASCAR champion later today. And my hope because he's a funny guy, you know, he has this polarizing image because he's so competitive, and he said some explosive moments during his career, and but man, he's male. Load out a lot as a husband and father and whatnot. And he's really funny and I really enjoyed chatting with him. So I think he will be absolutely hilarious on the mardi. Smith Marty Twitter machine public. Thanks. Going gonna track coach Fulmer funny. Yeah. I mean, he were held definitive was the two pockets AS, man. He was dependent. He he looked as if he'd been fighting that fight for several decades. You unless you're you're familiar, and maybe the audience isn't familiar, and I'm I'm happy that you mentioned Bush's possibly mellowed out because our show actually has a bit of a history with Cal Bush. I'm gonna play for you the interview that we had with Kyle Busch a few years ago. Trust me, it's not very long. Here's a bit of all our shows history with Kyle Busch. What what was the most memorable brother fight that you guys had you guys had to have good brother fights now?.

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