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Oh, and by the way throughout the movie, we get the sense that Bonnie and CLYDE never had an intimate relationship. We don't see that until the very end, but that's something historians have actually debated even though WD shared a room with them, they'd often send him off onto little errands so they could have some longtime after all their lovers. Going back to the movie were soon introduced to Clyde's brother buck. He's played by Gene Hackman in along with his wife style, Parsons character blanche. They join up with CLYDE Bonnie and CW to form what they refer to as the barrow gang. One of the first things they do after reuniting is take pictures. It's here that we see Warren Beatty's version of CLYDE barrow pose in front of a car with a Thompson machine gun or Tommy gun is commonly called then von. Any takes one in front of the car with a pistol in her hand and a cigar hanging out of her mouth. The time in place with his photos were taken was changed, but they are real photos. I'll make sure to add them to the based on a true story Facebook group. So you can see them if you want to shoot after snapping the photos in the movie client says they should take vacation at up to Missouri where the law isn't looking for them trying to lay low for a bit. The gang heads up to Joplin Missouri and things don't turn out to be very calm. When the cops show up the gang barely makes out of their live, although three cops get killed in the process that shootout really happened. What the movie doesn't really mention when we see gene Hackman's version of barbaric joins younger brother is what he was doing before this. He was in prison serving a sentence for robbery. Actually, he performed the robbery years earlier, but managed to escape from prison and save on the run from two years. Then both blanche and Kumi bucks, mother managed to convince him to turn himself in. So he could serve the. Meaning for years on his sentence and be done with crime. She wanted blanche that is to live a normal honest life. So that's what buck did. He turned himself over on December twenty seventh nineteen thirty one after spending one last Christmas with family almost as soon as he was sent back to prison blanche and Kumi started trying to get him out, not by escape, but the legal way through Pearl. And it worked one year two months and twenty four days after turning himself over buck was released. That would make it March twenty third nineteen thirty three and he was not released on parole, but pardoned. Blanche could finally have a happy life with buck without having to look over her shoulder upon hearing of his brother's release. It was CLYDE who went to visit his brother, not the other way around, like we see in the film and the scene of the reunion really wasn't like what we saw in the movie CLYDE, Bonnie, and W D Jones showed up at Blanche's parents house where Buchan planes were staying at about four A M Bonnie was drunk and went to bed almost immediately someone to go out on a limb and guess that's not what took the photos that we see in the movie. But it is true that it was here that clydes suggested of -cation of sorts. He'd always looked up to his big brother. So now that buck was out of prison. He wanted to spend some time with him a few days later. They started the tract Missouri while in Missouri they plan to stay for longer than usual pitstops after all, it was vacation family. They rented a spot for a month and the five enjoyed living together in one spot for a change. Well, it's not like blanche was on the run before this. So all of this really wasn't quite. Special to her. She probably wanted it to end if you remember she wanted to turn himself in. So when he got out, they could have an honest life could just been pardoned. Certainly. He would go right back to prison. If he were found with CLYDE, Bonnie W Jones three people wanted for too many crimes to count at this point. On the other hand, buck was trying to convince cli- to do exactly what he had done. Turn himself in due to time and come out on the other end clean this honest life with Bonnie could be a permanent thing in the movie. The shootout starts while the group is gathered in the living room of their place. Bonnie is reading something while CLYDE casually looks out the window to see a police car pulling into the driveway. He gives a warning that the laws are here blanche screams in the shootout begins the

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