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Drive the seven hour app. You can get free delivery on anything in the store with the code free now and it gets delivered in about 30 minutes, so I didn't need to get off my couch to get pizza. You did not. I can order it's Akihito from the shower If your phones waterproof what am I doing here? Then 7 11. Take it to 11 expire. 6 29 21 Limitation Supply C seven after full terms limited delivery area. Good morning 6 18 traffic and weather on the gates now, and it's back to Jack in the traffic center in Virginia. Mainline delays. Woodbridge 95 headed north found 66 years. You leave Nutley Watch for broken down. Trash truck reported to be in the right center lane. You'll find the best way is looking good so far between Alexandria and McLean, inner and outer Loop and I start early on the George Washington Parkway. No. Big worries yet on 95 or 3 95. You'll find 3 95 getting a little bit heavy as you approach Edsall Road coming north, But you're good. The rest the right headed toward the 14th Street Bridge down in Frederick Care in Fredericksburg through three eastbound your Stewart drive crash followed police direction. One broken down Fairfax County Parkway North Dont at 66 could be on a ramp. So just be very careful. If it's blocking any kind of activity. There. You'll find a vehicle off the roadway, possibly in the water sits on the Dallas Access road westbound after Runner road the activity off the road. Way to the right side Beltway looks good in Maryland. No troubles inner or outer loop to seventies a little heavier. Now leaving her Bana headed down toward 109 Watch on Georgia Avenue North bound up New University Boulevard. The crash along the right side but follow direction. It was in the intersection Central Avenue eastbound near the Beltway. Ereck Lake Winds way had been closed up near Rolling Greenway, North Potomac. Listeners said there was a tree down in the roadway looking for debris. 95 South Down near the I C C a pothole been opening up in Rockville to 70 south on on the ramp to falls, wrote 1 75 was closed in Jessup, a serious crash. It had been closed between Wiggly Avenue and Brock Bridge Road. Howard County would maybe reopening the roadway up in Glenwood, Maryland, 97 up near McKendry Rather had been an earlier wreck there. Be careful traffics brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union proud to serve members of the armed Forces, D O d veterans and their families. Our members are the mission. Learn more at Navy federal dot org Jack Taylor. W T o P traffic. We're getting rain today. Let's get a check on the forecast with storm team for meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts. He has a pretty strong cold front will be pushing through the area. As we go through the morning into the afternoon.

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