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I was not familiar with the history of him norway and them overtaking england it's at you know in early part in history good stuff wow wow next segment welcome to the neighborhood so as you know if you've been listening i moved into a new crib recently new neighborhood great front and back yard i did it all for my dogs and i've already shared some stories about the new hood but i've got another one so last thursday our neighbor from two doors down comes over to introduce yourself so the house next to is being remodeled and his empty on the other side of that is these people it's a nice little family man and wife two kids it's like seven pm i just lay down for a nap as is tradition because i'm nap god and this woman comes over she's probably around my age late twenties early thirties what what time did you say this while seven pm that's late nap yeah but you gotta i'm not going to judge you night out so like if work is ended in and i'm beat sometimes i'll take like thirty minutes to an hour nap around seven to eight o'clock okay then eat dinner hang would pay eventu she goes to sleep a few more hours of work in or whatever play fortnight i know it's crazy but this is the life i'm living so this woman she comes she rings a doorbell she brings her little girl one of the two is probably about three years old and they bring a little flower in a tiny flower vase with a card that says welcome to the neighborhood very nice they taylor and her get to talking about the neighborhood how cute it is cetera you know just the girly shit you talk about and this this woman's telling taylor about how their families lived there about four years how nice everyone is talking about all the different people on our block pointed the different houses this person does this person does that blah blah blah and when it's time for them to say goodbye and taylor says like thank you so much for the flower and for the kind welcome for coming by for bringing your little girl in introducing her the other woman in her daughter are about to turn to leave and then the woman stops and she goes is that a bong and she's pointing back through our house where you can see straight from the front door back through the back door which has a.

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