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Zoloft on bitchy i like how he if he wasn't married that he would be going around the united states sprinkling spreading his investment investment trust the process spread of your investment so he future legends so he would just go like a stud horse you're right it was character charles schwab of soccer but but didn't he it felt like he was playing a character right like like if socia baron cohen was playing soccer that he would be zlatan borat he's perfect though for the for the sport well borat was clueless zlatan knows what he's doing and can't you see him as side kick is the bad guy in a movie ample so it's different than ricky henderson ricky henderson i don't think was calculated and he was just being ricky yes is lots on having a little fun with everybody it feels like that yeah that he i think he's a character but he plays up the characters well without being a parody of himself he plays the character and it's good now now do you have their schedule coming up for do you have the galaxy i'll have to check that give me one minute okay when you get a chance so my bad on that they got saturday ellie galaxy atlanta united the galaxy had the dynamo coming up that montreal impact coming up let's go red bull's guelfi red bull's coming up and week what is he coming to new york oh zlatan coming to new york.

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