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Know it just just be kind be good people. You know what I have, had it? Done I've heard that she's had it. Guys Losing Gentlemen Ashley Lsu has added you hear it first Ashley. Ellis has had it. Oh, thank you for listening. We do love you. We appreciate you. We hope that you guys are on the same levels us with just. You know they hope so every minus of and. Human being to hear you, it's all we want from. People is to be decent We're going to try to spend the week. You know mostly just celebrating artists of color and telling their stories even just like little snippets as we can. Because you know what it's just too many white people on our feed. Let's let's if we're if we're doing this. We gotTA. Talk about people other than white people and you know what as Lizzo said life's veteran color it is. I agree with that and you. I know that our network one hundred percent backs up. We are part of the Pantheon podcast network, and it's also filled with lovely wonderful humans who? Are also behind this movement and want to tell stories of every color of the music rainbow, so please go support our network. Yes, please and also if you feel like supporting us I'm not going to really try and Hawk it too hard. You can go to our Patriot on. If you want to. It's Patriot Dot Com. Slash Rock Candy podcast. We will definitely think our newest Patriot or newest patron chuck chuck. Thank you so much. Super Nice Dude. We've got stories rate stories I. Honestly like maybe Chuck should started putting task. Because you've got some stories, my really good, you might WanNa think about that out there for you. I mean if you WANNA. Give us, but you know honestly. It doesn't matter right now. It doesn't matter right now. Honestly you WANNA. Give to black lives, matter or bail organizations. I think that would be you. Know what it's January or not January it's June first with me and month in. It's a pride month, so it's we got a new cycle of patriots stuff coming our way, so maybe we should think about donating it this month. Yeah, you know what? I think that's a good idea, yeah! So, thank you guys for Tony for donating your money to our Patriot and we're probably going to donate it. Yeah, WE'RE GONNA DONATE IT TO ORGANIZATION I. Love and support, prime mix of pride and black lives matter If we can find some sort of Black Trans Organiz. lgbtq something like that lgbtq color. You know what honestly yeah you know what the next week or two? We'll take your guys, suggestions and what you know where we donate our Patriot on money to. If you know of any in particular, that would be a good idea. Yet ended our way..

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