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News one O 6 9 and a.m. 7 40 kcbs. Your new time is 1210. Well, it's a very happy new year for San Mateo county officials who are seeing millions of dollars in funding from some new or foursome new and existing projects. Megan goes to be reports the $6.9 million was secured by congresswoman Jackie spear on her way out of office. The funding was part of the appropriations bill passed by Congress late last month explained spear. So for instance, additional child care spaces in daily city improve flood control for Foster City and San Bruno. Two new libraries are going to benefit from these community projects. And one renovated library. And to that wildfire mitigation efforts in suicide prevention funding for caltrain, Jeff G is the grateful mayor of Redwood City which received money for flood protection. This funding that you've obtained for us? Well, it's another step to make sure that when our families go to work or go to school every day and there's a storm, they don't want to have to worry, are they going to have a home to come home to? And over and half moon bay, vice mayor Joaquin Jimenez says residents are so pleased that they'll be able to make it safer to walk around town, even if it's a town with a major freeway running through it. They say trail will connect. To 15, at least 15 forms along the coast. It will also connect or essential workers to a local restaurant and hotels. It will connect our children to our middle school to our high school. We will provide a safe path for residents and visitors of the coast. In all 15 community projects across the county were granted money, making gold speak K CBS. Well, it is a sunny day, but don't go to the beach in San Mateo. You can't go to the beach. The beaches are closed over concerns of sewage runoff from the heavy rain, health officials say people should avoid swimming for at least three days after The Rain stops. We'll update sports in just about two minutes. I'm Brian back to yari, executive

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