Alex Schmidt, Las Vegas discussed on Fake The Nation - 65. Make Taxation Sexy Again (w/ Josie Long, Alex Schmidt)


Having me thanks for doing the show and we are also joined by a colleague here at the your wolf family family colleague family or a like a like a a brother in the air old family would make marks more sense but at any rate a cousin that you start a business wave at family business complex air wolf i haven't had a and i was on his show what is the excellent cracked podcast because he is a fulltime lad at cracked his a website that everyone should read and a podcast that everyone should in fact subscribed to you may or may not want to start with the show i was on your great honor thank you and you are in fact alex schmidt hello hey thank you so much for having me who's great this is great irony glad to the both of you guys are um were free today and able to do this because we have some real fuck in garbage things to talk about an by garbage i mean like the worst the satish the most dramatic like a burning kind of garbage the ball yeah yeah and so i apologise in advance for in both being your first time on the show and you had deep dive into the fucking worst but let's do what you guys with topping number one national putting was an guns as everyone knows there was a mashhady in las vegas the largest in modern history on sunday fifty nine people died hundreds more were injured.

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