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What do you trust that responsibility? CFA charter holders have studied an average of one thousand hours to pass one of the most rigorous series of exams in the financial industry every day nearly five thousand charter holders across Chicago put in. Busters knees above their own and adhere to a strict code of ethics demand. The best demand CFA charter holder. Find an advisor had let's measure up dot org. CFA society, Chicago, let's measure up. Thirteen thirty dollars to go. First half Nebraska will start from their own nine yard line leading seven nothing here. The cats. I mentioned what the first quarter came to an end whatever the Wildcats had sixty seven yards of offense. They now have fifty seven. Second quarter is not started. Well, long way to go this one, but the court husker's with a seven nothing lead. When I talked to some of the players this week. I said what are they the corn? Look like on film. And they all said they don't look team as Owen five EMMY talking to the staff to they said, they got some athletes they got speed. They just haven't put it together new program. They're trying to find their way with a new coaching staff. They're trying to change their cultural little bit. I mean Nebraska will be back in the future. But they're they're finding their their lives off trying to come up with a with a win this season. So far they've been over over five. They're looking for one here and it took to the cats can get their offense going. All right. I attend Nebraska there. Oh, nine yard up. The backfield is those zippo motions out. The snap will go to Martinez at the three yard line. Looks to throw. Here comes the pressure. Expect the end zone now he's running out of room and L throw it out about she'd completely threw it away. Jordan Thompson applying the pressure on the quarterback Martinez. Second down town upcoming Martinez. Four hundred forty one yards of total offense last week three hundred eighty four passing. Those are both Nebraska freshman records second down and ten for the Cornhuskers for their own nine yard line. This time o- zippo takes it to the right side and swertz through across the fifteen across the twenty eight. He's got a first down brought down at the secondary by JR pace. And it's a first down on a gain of twelve for Divino Zygmunt who had one hundred seventy yards against Purdue two games ago Kerry twenty four times in that game only five times against Wisconsin last week. I down from the twenty one Martinez throwing right sideline. Morgan. The catch tries to change direction and covered up right away. Just inside the boundary or the far side check that that was Kate Warner who made the catch Trey Williams on the stop water redshirt freshman. Catchword in a good situation there with the ball starting in the nine yard line. But then that big run got him out of trouble, Nebraska. Now, get some breathing room. All the way out past the twenty five and we have seen them do this much tabby. Normally they get teams. Get a bye they keep their. This time on second Albertina takes it himself across the thirty across the thirty five at all the way out to the forty yard line goes Hadrian Martinez track gal by Jared McGee. The secondary the middle wide open for Martinez. Dave analysis on site zone read right there. You know, why he's the second leading rusher on this the brass Cotin. He's averaging. Almost five yards. A carry. He picked up at least fifteen on that one. I down brass their own forty day lead seven nothing bobbled snap. Martinez catches. He's deep down the middle of the field. Too far. He was fortunate. Hang onto the ball Borge the intended receiver right down the middle on a deep post. Art had the coverage heavily seventy down and ten yards to go. He went further even for the home run shot. Right. There was one on one coverage. Good coverage bombs on the front. You mentioned how each he could handle the snap. He was trying to do a little play action got caught up in the mesh there. But he did a good job of juggling. The boy had enough time to give down the field on top of Jaren. Ward yard JC transfers out to the right Jose, motions that way, Martinez takes it laughed at Martinez. A flag is down in the shoved out of bounds by Jared McGee. The forty yard line. There's a penalty marker down. It's going to help the cats. That's gotta be holding there on the point of attack on the left side of that Nebraska offensive line. Here comes the call from. Larry Smith or referee. We'll get it here momentarily coach he's taking office number sixty seven. Tenure replay second. Yes. So to the officials were over on the east side line with coach fits he. He wanted to know what the down and distance was going to be as he can accept it or not he did take the penalty, which puts them behind the chain sped ten penalties for one hundred yards last week against the badgers second down at twenty at their own thirty. So that does help Arteta's will motion mosaic or the backfield. Instead they flipped to spiel that running left. Ed Spielman is going to be tracked down at grown down by Gallagher at the thirty three yard line along with psalm Duke Miller who got over there. They seal that off. It'll be third down and long a gate of only three of the played third down a seventeen at the thirty three yard line after hustling personnel onto the field. The brass what's to go quickly. They had some ocean on the left side. No flag at here's the quarterback. Martinez. Dumping it off short right passes clock. Back to the original line is Grimmett goes. Oh sick. Bo knocked out by Trey Williams, fourth-down Nebraska. Check. Forty four. The down indicator. How we have a flag down. That's what it was a blackout of the secondary. Hold everything here. There's no foul for legal substantial defense, delta filled. Four foul. It's it's almost like in hockey. We have too many men on the ice. That's the way. They're the cats were changing lines. Yeah. They're trying to get the proper personnel there on third down, but he'd passionate about penalties. And that's what's really killed the Preska this year data. They're averaging ninety seven yards a game in Hanley yardage that really can kill a team. All right Armstrong depart from his own thirty yard line with Riley lease deep at eight booming spiral and a sliding fair cash made by Riley lease at the nineteen yard line. The caps takeover trailing seven nothing. Ten forty four to go. First half at Evanston..

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