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Of the month us markets are closed for good friday stock prices were up today after two days of losses and the month as a whole was pretty bruising for the first time in years technology companies like facebook google and amazon are leading the way down npr's gyms rolly explains why ever since the great recession the us economy has been growing at a pace that can usually be described as tepid samir salama of wells fargo investment institute says the one big area of promise has been technology companies if you think about social media if you think about ecommerce visually technology is the backbone of all of those different things and for those corporations is driven incredible profit growth and this is made tex stocks such as apple amazon facebook and google soar over the year ending on march fifth for example apple was up twenty nine percent julie neiman an analyst at smith more and company says even when other stocks have underperformed the love affair between wall street and tech stocks never waned otx stocks have been the dominant area this is one thing that consumers have investors have jumped all over simply because they can understand them they love these stocks they loved them that is until about two months ago neiman says there's no single reason for what's happened each company has had its distinct set of problems apple faces questions about its growth how long will people keep buying bigger and better iphones amazon is being attacked in tweets by president trump tesla is facing production issues and then there's facebook this morning facebook under fire the pressure intensifying in the wake of that cambridge politica privacy scandal affecting up to fifty million users the uproar over facebook's breach of user data is generating calls for strict government regulation of the social media giant since the beginning of february facebook shares are down by twenty percent taken together these problems have raised questions about the tech sector as a whole again julie nieman the market has.

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