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Wins. And we go back in last year again. And at 7, 8, oh man, she'll never make it that far. Well, she made it like three quarters in front, but she got covered up and run a good third. So I will try anything to a point. Yeah. Yeah, you know, you are an example, Hutch of what every horse sell company that message that every horse sell company wants to get out there, right? Phasic tipton, Keenan, whoever it is, they want you to know that you, in every designer, by the way, want you to know that even though a horse may have one little thing, right? As long as it's not too serious, one little thing, they can overcome it. And they can become a very good racehorse and you can get a good racehorse for a very reasonable price. Right. Do you think espresso was probably your greatest purchase considering she was only a thousand bucks and considering what she did? No, winning envelope. Really? My greatest picture. How come? She was a freak. She was never had a horse that fast in my life. She was just that freak speed that you don't see very often. What do you remember about her when you saw her at the sales for the first time? She just looked like she was ready to ready to run, ready to put in the gate, didn't look like, I mean, she was already and she was always like that all through breaking and training. She was all business. She just for the first time, she's starting the gate. It's the first time that they even flopped and she knew when that gate opens. She knew what she was supposed to be doing. Yeah. And you're the type of guy that's not afraid to take a little money off the table, either because you ended up selling winning envelope if I recall, I think you told me that story four years ago, you sold her and got that money off the table. And that's something that we hear a lot of people talk about in this game. It can be hard to do if you become too attached to these horses, can it? Real hard to do. Yes, very. How are you able to bring yourself to do that with a horse that you just said was probably your greatest purchase? Well, I have 5 kids and, you know, had mortgage had up to the gills and bills. That makes it a little easier. Right. And you always hope you always hope to do it again. So you keep trying and maybe you think I got this money, I can buy a little better horse. It seems like the more money I spend, the more problems I have, so I try to keep it on the lower end. Yeah. Yeah, well, it's working. Whatever the plan is, however you're doing it, it continues to work for you. With a horse such as white winning envelope, I think you told me that before she even ran, you started to get offers for her. And then after that maiden win, you kind of gambled a little bit, said, no, I'm going to hold off, and then she breaks her maiden first time out and those offers just started coming in even bigger, right? Right. It was a game. Well, I didn't sleep much that night before. What made you what made you take the risk and not take the money right away? Because she was just a freak. I knew that she wasn't a horse that like, oh, I think she's going to need Lasix to or she's going to need any. She didn't just one of those that there wasn't, I knew there was nothing to touch her. She'd had to fall down to get and that can happen. But that's literally what would have happened for her to get beat. Yeah. Yeah. After you, after you sell a horse that you think so highly of, how closely Hutch are you following the rest of their career? Hello, I followed her all the way. I worked for Chris block all my life as a farrier and I was I was still shooting her every month and I was even I had a transport horses too. I was even hollering her to races and I was real closely tired with her. I wanted to see her do good. Yeah, yeah. How many years did you shoot horses for? I forget what you told me for you. Was it like 20 years? 20 plus years? Yeah, I'm up first around a little over 30 now. I've been, I still shoot horses around. I'll just get you on the racetrack, can't have a conflict of interest with license. So a licensed trainer civilizes ferrier, so I kind of shoot farms yeah. You know, I look at your statistics. You go to equibase Hutch and you see your statistics as a trainer here in 2022. And you've only had 24 starters this year. 6 wins, 5 seconds, and a third. Man, that's getting after it. That's really good. try and hard trying to keep him in the right spot. Well, okay, so tell me about that. So what's your philosophy as a trainer? I look at numbers a lot.

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