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In any good way. They get a really good job. Actually thanks jeff and and good luck with the lightning. I actually love the fact that the uniform was right there center the whole time. That's right. unfortunately it's not going to be tonight because they're breaking out those horrible all star game you argue about you know you are like so negative. We just talked about positive talking about baseball. Like you are on myspace. Poverty like walk around here from penis and just base plan baseball. But i don't know why you should. Baseball came off good last night. Yeah other than the fact that it was in denver when it should have been in atlanta. I mean you're the guy who refused the watch any of the all star festivities. I don't you know that. I grew up diehard baseball fan and a mets fan of the many many. Okay i loved it and all that stuff you and your mom one hundred percent. We went my entire childhood. The two of us. It's like me and my dad used them absolutely. I was flying a plane. Your mom took you to buy him on. My dad's saw into the future. Baseball is going to be really annoying. When you're forty years old so he he knew at a power bills but yeah and in the yankees and the playoffs and you know high went to with the the legends. Tickets and brought buddies a mile was awesome and those moments are great. But there's just so much that has happened in baseball this year. There's just turned me off. I just can't wait to get to october. Hopefully have two teams in there but it looks like only one right now. But that's really where i'll get back into it but it's been a rough year and i think there's a work stoppage comment quite all right. Well that that's in the future for me as a met fan the fact that my teams in first place. We haven't played all that great all that consistent. We have the best pitcher in baseball. We obviously have the best home run hitter in baseball. Always considers himself that as of last night. You know there's a lot look forward to plus the trade deadline's right around the corner. What would you say if they edit kris bryant from the unbelievable more adam frazier from the pirates barrios the twins. That'd be great. Let's see what happens. Kenzo over levittown levittown. What's going on again has gone boomer. Geo jerry loved the show. What's up man. i kenny. What's up talking about what you just talked about. Bridges million perfectly..

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