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Streaming on YouTube, happy Halloween as we get ready to wrap up the last training day in October. My co host has done a Vic is off today, but joining us is the host of Bloomberg surveillance and Bloomberg markets, not other than Paul sweetie, hi Paul. Kyle, how are you? Looking forward to it. Boy, it's going to be a busy week. I'm just looking at my eco screen and just day after day, we've got some big economic data. We got some interest rate stuff as well. I think we have to pay attention to that Wednesday. Something called an FOMC meeting? Yes. Let's do that. Plus earnings. I forget about that. Oh my gosh, right? It's still continuing. All right, we're going to have more on the trade in just a moment. We're also going to talk about the midterm elections in the U.S. just about a week away. So why do Democrats hate Elon Musk when he actually Paul might be their savior? It's a good question. Yeah, exactly. And if he gets back on Twitter, oh boy. It's a new era that we're living in when it comes to Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, what are the similarities between Elon's acquisition and Steve Jobs going back to a failing Apple, our Brad stone weighing in on this. And then we're going to talk how the end to affirmative action would crush the diversity talent pipeline, which I feel like every time we talk to anybody who runs an organization, it's all about diversity and improving that pipeline. Yeah, exactly right. And here in academia and in business, it is a continues to be a key issue. All right, we're going to get to all of that first up though. Let's check on that trading day and let's check in with Charlie pellet who's dressed up like a warlock? No, Top Gun guy, a crayon, a pumpkin, did all of that for sales this morning, but today just dressed up like a regular guy. Here's what's going on. The Dow. The S&P NES stack all declining S&P down 20 drop there of 5 tenths of 1% we had the Dow down 63 a decline there of two tenths

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