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Two eighty six from Seoul in high school Tyler shot at right guard six to two ninety a sophomore from Kaghan Northland and the mass of Christian worse at right tackle six five three twenty two a junior from Mount Vernon the closer alignment pave the way for the Iowa running game today Scott frost leads the Brzeska out onto the field in the swarm will be coming up next running back will be the freshman tighter good shouldn't from so whiny Georgette five ten one ninety eight junior a four and a half yard average he's rushed for nearly five hundred yards on one hundred three carats Brady roster course will be in there at full back as well the humbled hammer six foot two forty five and a senior from humble high school the tight end date weeding for Sean buyer or Sam laporta they'll all play the wide receivers Tyrone Tracy Amir Smith Mar set Niko regaining regaining really coming on the hundred ninety pounds six foot Richard freshman from east haven Connecticut it's got a couple touchdown grabs averaging nine yards per catch a mere Smith Mar set the junior from Newark New Jersey hi six catches last week sixteen yard average Amir is six one one eighty five Tyrone Tracy gets better and better and better as the swarm trots out of the field Tracy five eleven redshirt freshman from can be Indiana indicator Central High School has three touchdown grabs among is thirty four receptions that's the Hawkeye offense the rescue defense three four defense up front the massive Carlo Davis and pollute Davis the Davis twins both six to both three hundred fifteen pounds from blue springs Missouri at the nose.

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