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Should not be point now it is but it police if it were nickel admitted cannot oppose the federal government what they're really talking about these immigration oh then quite frankly we're going to find out if the constitution are not here pretty shortly the as you know the picture of federal judges and the ifp four i would quite frankly i called it a hollow law the law that and that requires police officers the do what they were already supposed to be doing anyway i don't disagree on that if we keep coming up with the active everywhere by statebystate there are you nailed it unconstitutional and congress sitting there but you know i gotta give them credit gave him a month ago that line in the family let's get down talk about it not only is the congress we dipped republican party control for house on the planet and right here i think that the republican party through our us congress then the about to the play and get some type of lake galilee we can come of a thing you know amnesties at work i could have been shipped may be a bad word maybe we should review the 1960 five immigration reform baugh media we should not have a chain family chain immigration more but these keith are american do you are going to the trump administration would have a job two two that wasn't established by we will have a temporary injunction and it will be deportable now do you agree with me under the that on whittier rep day let them earned their red and the sure we can talk that early gotta at omb cut you short we're gonna have to ended their maria stay safe with hurricane that hurricane that's headed your way hurricane or i can remember the name we have too many hurricanes these days and francisco we appreciate you being on when we come back i'm looking at the phones people i don't know why they are compelled to call me and told me i'm not going there evacuated i'm not leave and i would suggest you leave that's fight advice especially if it's an evacuation order this is serious bad stuff here we'll take a break more on hurricane armor when we come back this is the sean hannity show oh.

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