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Let me just report some real talk amidst all this for you tonight one. There's no cost crisis here. President-elect biden will assume office on january twentieth there's not a single pending legal case in the nation that can change that result to at the same time. Donald trump's unprecedented failure to not only concede but to even speak since he became the loser on. Saturday is putting his party and the country through this sort of rolling absurdity this week now. Most people are familiar with the classic five stages of grief a concept from psychiatrist elizabeth kubler. Ross denial anger bargaining depression and then acceptance trump appears still mired in the first stages of denial anger a note that puts him behind his supporters. Only three percent of americans a rounding error falsely think. Donald trump won according to the latest polling republican. Legislators seem to have hit that later acceptance stage in private while they publicly coddled trump. Which is one way to view his newfound focus this republican discussion of something as arcane intelligence. Briefings they're now operating as some kind of middle stage between trump's denial and later acceptance and see the headlines. You have republicans backing this basic thing. Briefings for president-elect him because he's president-elect simple and someday they may even be able to say the second part out loud but thanks to donald trump. His party has to make this painful partake longer. They have to work through more drama. More emotional hijacks which is leading some to ask throughout american history. Has there ever been a period. More tailored to snowflake sensitivities. That's the strange scene in the adjustment period for republican washington wall over on the democratic side. President like biden is just moving forward with governing appointing. Ron klein new white house of staff. The same role clean paid for biden in the obama administration and the president-elect also talking with world leaders from a range of countries and also that includes receiving congratulations today from the pope. We have a big broadcast night. We turned out. Our experts and yellow gives jay from the center american progress democratic strategists. See mills and libby. Casey political reporter with the washington post then yellow your thoughts on the above a of just continuing.

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