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For money years. The biggest and often most feared power player in Hollywood was Michael Ovitz who changed the way the business of show business is done. He has many a story to tell and he's telling them to redo braver. I had a goal from day one which was to win, and I wanted us to win at all costs. Neat seventy one year old. Michael bits as leader of creative, are this agency known as CA he was once the most powerful talent agent in Hollywood. Give me a sample of the roster when you were running CA. Paul Newman Robert Redford Dustin Hoffman. Bob de Niro, Barbara Streisand Meryl Streep. We handle directors like Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard Sanley cubic Morty Scorsese Panova it signed Sean Connery. The actor was in a career slump and it's worn off the role of JAMES BOND. But Ovid's convinced him to do the aptly named never Saint never. Again, I major what. Still dry. Got yes gun, but Ovitz is Crowder of coaxing Connery into playing police officer, Jimmy Malone in the nineteen eighty seven film the untouchables people's a knife. One of us to hospital and you wanna history, knock. The. As he didn't want to be the guy, he didn't want to be the old guy had a play without a to pay, and he had a play it as an older, more imminence grays type of character. And he was needless to say, brilliant in the role Connery won an Oscar. As its details in his new memoir. He was raised in the San Fernando Valley, the son of a liquor salesman in nineteen sixty eight. He graduated from UCLA married his college sweetheart and applied for a job at William Morris, a prominent Hollywood talent agency said, you're hired ov-. It started in the mail room and soon got his first promotions. I got to be the assistant to the president and was put in a position that gave me an amazing overview of the company in nineteen seventy five Ovitz decamped with a few other agents to found their own firm CA they were broke, but wanted to make a splash and you actually at one time took l. alone and bought five Jaguars or the five principal partners perception in Hollywood. In those days was ninety nine percent of the law and people not. That Lear driving Jagger's of what those guys must be doing. Really good Ovid soon became the leader of CAA also developing a reputation as a tough guy driving hard bargains and poaching clients like fame director, Sydney Pollack directly from other agents. You had almost a military mentality in how you push these deals forward and also how you were willing to destroy anything and everyone in your path. Rosenthal may be a bit of an overstatement. I don't think that we are willing to destroy anything. Everybody. I do think that we were willing to take on a lot of casualties, and we did leave a lot of bodies in our path. It was over two spearheaded. David Letterman's move from NBC to CBS Mike Ovitz. These come in. It's wonderful. The story told in HBO's film, but late shift with treat.

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