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We go in our Bloomberg eleven three newsroom in New York City. Hi, Bob Carroll. Jason. Thank you. It's election day in America and voters are delivering their first verdict on President Trump's tenure in a midterm that's expected to draw historic numbers to the polls. Gordon? Bloomberg's Washington bureau chief says the polls point to strong gains for Democrats in the house is a very very strong chance. Democrats will take the house. I think the senate's a bigger hill to climb strangely. They only a couple of seats there. But they have such a brutal map Twenty-three some Democrats for election this year in a lot of states that Donald Trump carried handily in two thousand sixteen West Virginia, Missouri, Indiana. So we are looking toward a split decision. Devastate the House Republicans hang onto the Senate House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says she is one hundred percent certain that Democrats will recapture control of the house reports of broken. Scanners. Surfacing at a number of New York City polling places, and that's holding things up for long lines of voters at some places turnout. So heavy at one pack precinct on Manhattan's Upper West side that the line to scan ballots stretched around a junior high school gymnasium malfunctioning voting machines have marred voting. Elsewhere across the US, notably in Georgia state with a hotly contested, gubernatorial. Election voters reported waiting up to three hours to vote UK Prime Minister Theresa may is preparing to ask the cabinet to approve a draft Brexit deal potentially within days. Sources tell Bloomberg good. Well, today's meeting with ministers broke up without agreement. Maze. Officials are considering calling a second gathering potentially to sign off on the proposal later this week. Global news twenty four hours a day on air at a tick tock on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred.

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