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The austin texas police department is pulling hundreds of patrol cars off the street because of problems with carbon monoxide exhaust leaking into the vehicles from member station k you t nathan vernay reports the problem was first identified in march when a police officer said he passed out while driving his patrol vehicle of ford explorer suv since then dozens of officers have complained and twenty tested positive for carbon monoxide in their blood austin's interim police chief brian manly now says they're pulling all therefore it explores off the street almost four hundred of them though oh you use old crown victoria's for now and put two officers in each vehicle instead of one obviously having officers doubled up may have an impact on a response times the national highway traffic safety administration announced this week its expanding its probe into ford explorers leaking exhaust into the cabin for npr news i'm nathan burnia in austin texas senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who has led the senate effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act says it's time to move on the sevenyearlong republican crusade has ended four now with hard feelings and fingerpointing between congressional leaders and the white house you're listening to npr the us food and drug administration is launching an effort to lower nicotine levels in cigarettes the fda will seek public comments as it works to develop the new regulations aimed at lessening cigarettes addictive levels fda commissioner scotts gottlieb who announced the plan friday said the agency will give each cigarette makers more time for a review of the products already on the market new wildfires are popping up in montana as the west deals with intense drought conditions montana public radio's eric whitney reports the latest data indicated that most of montana is now abnormally dry in more than ten percent of the state is experiencing exceptional drought joe sampson is on a firefighting team in the town of lincoln he says grasses and other registration in previously burnt areas are slowing growth on some fires but the rapidly drying out as we transition through weeks to come in days to come those feels will become a real will to roll so they will carry fall new fires are being started both by lightning in by windy carrying embers from existing fires into new areas more than three thousand people from across the.

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