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66 year old was kidding and did not go past the fencing. Part of downtown Seattle was shut down Saturday after a man told police he had a bomb inside his truck right outside the FBI's Seattle headquarters. More on this from Kemal's Patrick Quinn just after one o'clock, officials say, a 34 year old man intentionally set his own car on fire to get the attention of the police. And when fire and police crews arrived, he told them he had a bomb in his truck. Police shut down downtown Seattle is they investigated but found no bomb and towed away the truck authorities were trying to figure out why the man made the threat in the first place. But the head of Seattle's FBI field offices for now Paul is calm here in Washington ahead of Inauguration Day, a Republican member of Congress is implying the president Trump may have withheld federal aid to wildfire victims in our state. Because he doesn't like Governor Jay Endsley almost, Corwin Hick explains. There's no love lost between Governor Inslee and President Trump is a nasty person. I don't like the governor of Washington. We're not distracted by some of the noise out of the White House. Now. Spokane Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers is acknowledging the animosity maybe compelling the president to withhold promised aid to the state to help victims of last summer's wildfires. In a letter obtained by the spokesman, Review McMorris Rodgers urges The president to put their differences aside, she writes, quote. Despite our governor's banned faith, personal vendetta against your administration. People in my district needs support. In a statement. Inslee's office calls the letter quote pathetic, adding It's not a request for aid but an appeal to the president's ego. Corwin Hague Co. Moh news to US senators from this state are poised to become Washington's most powerful congressional duo since the days of Warren Magnuson and Henry Jackson. Under the new Senate Democratic Majority Patty Murray will chair the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee should be the second ranking Democrat on the all powerful Appropriations Committee. Maria Cantwell will chair the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. Researchers at the U. S Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Lab in Richland are studying the potential health effects of E cigarettes are Vaping Maura on what the early results show from co Most Carleen Johnson. They're looking at whether Vaping causes subtle changes in proteins at the molecular level that could contribute to disease or other health problems. The Tri City Herald reports. Vaping does lead to what they call oxidative stress, which can overwhelm how the body naturally repairs itself. Oxidative stress can lead to dangerous chain reactions for the body linked to heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease and Other health conditions. They developed a biochemistry technique that makes it possible to measure the oxidation of proteins. And interestingly, they said, they see the higher oxidation levels. Whether or not the Vaping liquid contains nicotine. These are early results and don't necessarily prove that e cigarettes are inherently bad for your health, but they are showing how Vaping impacts cell function at the molecular level. Carleen Johnson. Come Oh news to a sports update in one minute. Come on news time a 39. If you've always wanted to try zero rez, but thought you'd wait till maybe the price came down a little bit Well, the wait is over. It's here, their biggest sale of the year..

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