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News ninety six point five W. V. B. O. live team coverage of breaking news weather and traffic starts now thirty eight ninety six point five W. DDL our top story governor on dissent is give us an update on the corona virus right before noon he previewed the new drive through testing site at the Orange County convention center which opens on Wednesday the first step is people are gonna come in they'll get a verification of their temperature an assessment the next one will be individual registration you need the name phone number email address different types of payment information and then the station three is base log they do the swap so that you're able to have your sample sent once that yeah exit the site will be the third federal testing site in the state a second opens in Miami tomorrow people sixty five years of age and older are the most susceptible to the effects of covert nineteen but dissenters pointed out the folks in the thirty five to fifty age range are also getting infected and many of them also need hospitals which could soon start to crowd them he says that thirty four percent of hospitals in Florida are already at fifty percent or greater capacity adding that there are now eighteen thousand one hundred and thirty one available hospital beds in the state in eighteen hundred ICU beds so in order to help save space we're getting more drive through testing sites so that's cool first federal testing site opened on Friday in Broward county more than seven hundred people have already been tested they're keeping the waiting room as empty as possible we'll update you on the new case numbers in just a moment news ninety six point five W. DPO Orlando.

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