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Yes. Saturday, September 18th Bellator MMA returns to the S A P Center in San Jose. It's the long awaited promotional debut of Yoel Romero when he takes on former world champion Phil Davis in a light heavyweight battle. The soldier of God squares off with Mr Wonderful Saturday, September 18th at the S A P. Center. For tickets, Go to ticketmaster dot com or for your chance to win tickets. Gotta kbr dot com slash contests. 1877 cars, The kids, Okay. R s cars for kids 1877 cars, kids to make your car today. 1877 cars for kids K our ass cars for kids 1877 cars. Kids donate your car today to learn more better programs and to donate Let US online and cars pizza com Remember That's cars with the K Pick up is quick and easy. You'll also get a vacation culture and that's when tax deduction wanted 77 cars. Kids, okay. Because it's on. Hmm. Got kids don't ain't Good God day now accepting donations of land homes, buildings or any kind of real estate. Having football down to a science starts with having sleep down to a science because the better you sleep better you show up on game day. That's why NFL players rely on the sleep number. 3 60 smart bet it senses their movement and automatically adjust to keep them effortlessly comfortable and attracts vital sleep metrics like average heart rate and average breath rate. So they know exactly how well they slept. It tackles the science. All I have to do is We don't miss our Labor Day weekend special. We're all smart that you're on sale Save 50% on the new sleep number. 3 60 Limited edition Smart but plus free premium delivered ends Labor Day sleep number, the official sleep and wellness partner of the NFL for the ones who are always in the know Confirmed for the ones who keep things running. For the innovators.

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